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Over the past year I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts and audio books! It is the best for long drives, cleaning up around the house, or for when I take Ella on a walk. I was pretty flattered when Kirsten from Marvelous Mom's Club asked me to be apart of her podcast, especially since I had been listening to it for months! She has some really great interviews with woman from all walks of life with all different experiences. 

My episode aired yesterday, and I am talking all about how I got into the world of blogging and turned social media into a business. It was a lot of fun just chatting away about so many different things; motherhood, business, entrepreneurship, personal progress, you name it we probably talked about it. She even somehow called that I was pregnant which is pretty funny because I had NO CLUE that I was already expecting when we taped this. 

If you head on over to her site you can access my blogging e-book FOR FREE and a 15% OFF discount code to my shop Lunaby Baby!

Thanks again for having me Kirsten, it is always fun to chat with you! XO


  1. Just listened to this! Loved it! So happy for all of you success!

  2. I love podcasts, they are wonderful and so helpful!

  3. I LOVE audiobooks, they are just so great!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I am listening to your podcast right now and just loving it! I'm definitely feeling inspired to get going with my goals!

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