Life Lately... He or She?


He or She? 🍫 What will it be? Make your guesses now because we will announce the gender tomorrow! 💙💕😝 Ella only seems to care about shoving chocolate in her face! 😂 What can I say? Haha #leftoverhalloweencandy

It appears I can only manage so many different social media platforms! haha I have been focusing a bit more on my YouTube channel lately and have totally neglected the blog. Since having Ella I have taken so much video it is crazy! I have decided to not let those go to waste and just sit on my desktop, and to essentially "blog" them, or as they say "vlog." So I have doing a lot more vlog style videos over there if you want to check them out. Just in the last week I vlogged our trip to Arizona (Part One, Part Two, Part Three) Our Halloween weekend, and more recently a little peek into our week! I will work on being better about posting them on here along with whatever pictures I have to keep things moving on this front. Don't be surprised if you see some out of order posting as I play catch up on the blog! 

Here is my latest vlog! I go to a friendsgiving, paint more cabinets in my kitchen, and prepare for our gender reveal :)


  1. So exciting! I totally vote boy!

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