Petunia Pickle Bottom Outlet Sale

I have always been a fan of Petunia Pickle Bottom's Diaper Bags, even before I had a baby! They are known for their bold patterns and smart designs, making them one of the most popular diaper bags to have. I have talked about how much I love my Boxy Backpack from their line before on the blog, which is why you are getting the cutest throw back of little miss Ella. I love color and Petunia Pickle Bottom does color and pattern justice - I love my backpack in the Electric Citrus color! 
This bag, along with several other beautiful prints and designs are going to be heavily discontinued, up to 60% OFF, because Petunia Pickle Bottom is having a HUGE outlet sale! So if you have been wanting to get yourself a PPB bag for a killer price, NOW IS THE TIME! To give you an idea of how great of a sale this is, my citrus bag here is $60 OFF the original price! I am swooning over the Licorice Blossom print, as well as the Covent Garden Stop print. There are so many amazing bags available!

Get yourself a great deal SHOP HERE --&

Sale runs from Wednesday through 10/10 so take advantage and share with your friends! 

Get yourself a great deal SHOP HERE --&


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