16 Weeks Pregnant Update + Vlog ❤

My top is from ARDEN for those who have asked. LOVE ALL THEIR STUFF!

How far along: I am 16 weeks and 2 days!

How big is baby: The size of an avocado

Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week but I think I have put on a few pounds.

Maternity clothes: I am starting to wear more of my maternity tops and while I can fit into my regular pants, I am having to start doing the hair band trick on my jeans by the afternoon ;) haha

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Thankfully so far no issues! .

Craving: Same old, same old. Cereal, PB + J's and Macaroni and Cheese. This time around I find that I am almost not in the mood for food. Which is kind of depressing cause I live for food haha

Feeling: I am getting anxious to find out what we are having! Ella and I are off to Arizona for a trip and soon after we get back we will be finding out the gender and I couldn't be more excited. I JUST WANT TO KNOW!

I put together a fun little pregnancy update via a vlog if you want to watch that for some more insight and a peek into my day.


  1. you look beautiful!! i'm dying over that top

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