Ella Five Months! ❤️

 That smile though... ❤️

Back in January Xan popped by and took some shots of me and Ella. It was super last minute, and we were in the process of redoing our bedroom so everything was all over the place, but despite the chaos she got some great shots and was so sweet. She is always so awesome! There are a ton more  pictures to share but I don't want to over load this post so I will be scattering them throughout a few posts I am sure. Seriously check her work out, you won't be disappointed. Xans Eye Photography 
Before February passes on by I figured I should get Ella's five month update up on the blog! She turned five months at the end of last month and let me just say, this is the best stage ever! Does it just get better and better with these littles? My goodness. Okay, so here are some updates on our little love.
+ Ella started rolling over this past month! She had done it a few times before this but nothing consistent, or what seemed intentional, haha. My mama heart swelled with pride as I watched her do it. Now she won't stop, but gets frustrated because she hasn't really mastered getting herself back on her back, haha. We have seen her do it a few times, but she doesn't have that down as well as she does rolling over to her stomach. I love when she is up on her stomach, head up, and it looks like she is swimming for her life! It is the cutest.

+ Ella has been really vocal and if you follow me on snap chat (alyciagrayce) you would have seen she has started saying mama, or mamamamama. Now I know that she doesn't actually know what she is saying, or that she is even identifying that gibberish with me. But hey, I will take it. It is the cutest, and she will even copy me after I say it.
+ Ella totally melted my heart one night when Trevor was holding her. She was looking at me, and started leaning over towards me and even reached out her arms. Trevor and I realized that she was signaling that she wanted me to hold her. My heart about burst right then and there when it was obvious that she was showing a preference to have me hold her. *all the heart eye emojis*
+ I meant to include this in last months update, but pretty much since Ella started doing a consistent nap schedule, so around three months, she has had no use for her pacifier. I will be honest it kind of made me sad to see her not want it anymore, kind of like she wasn't as much of baby anymore :( But I guess I don't have to fear the taking it away when they are super attached to it stage, so I will just count myself lucky! haha  
+ Ella is still our tiny little girl. She is still in size 1 diapers, and still wears three month clothing. She has officially grown out of her newborn attire though. She is starting to fill out a bit and I love the rolls forming on her thighs :) haha


  1. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! It is so fun to read your updates on Ella. I have a little girl around the same age which makes it more fun. 😊

  2. I just love her and it kills me we don't live closer! I love the joy in her face when she smiles! xxoo

  3. I just love her and it kills me we don't live closer! I love the joy in her face when she smiles! xxoo

  4. These pictures are too cute! I can' t believe she is still so small! My guy is going on 6 months clothing..& every time I put an outfit away I just bawl my eyes out! They are seriously growing TOO fast!

  5. My baby is 17 months. I miss the 3-9 month stage!
    She's so cute.

  6. Happy 5 months Ella! She is so adorable and these photos are stunning. I love the last one on that pink rug!

  7. She's sooo cute! This is the BEST stage! I know I've said this even from pregnancy and now, but our babies are practically twins and only a few weeks apart! Well twins in the sense that everything you write is my child to a T...down to diaper and clothing size. Your pregnancy was so similar to mine too. It's weird!! Maybe our babies are destined to be friends haha

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