Ella 2 Months ❤️

Our sweet little girl is two months old today! It is astounding how fast these little newborns grow and change almost daily. Trevor and I were just saying how much different she looks from just last week! We had her two month appointment today and she was a total rock star with her shots. She hardly cried at all and was quick to being back to her happy self. She was just a smidge under 10 pounds, and is all around a pretty dainty and tiny baby. She was being very smiley and chatty with the doctor, which of course was no surprise. She is just a happy girl!  

So here are some things about our little Ella girl at two months...

+ Ella loves to smile! It is so easy to get her to smile, you just have to look at her and she will pull a huge grin! Right after she eats we like to lay her down and just smile and talk back and forth with her. She is very vocal, smiley and happy. She also kicks her leg like she is running a marathon! 

+Baby girl is basically sleeping through the night now! She will go 6-8 hours before waking up to eat. Last night she slept almost 10, I actually woke her up! haha However I am still having to wake up and pump so it isn't full nights of rest and sleep for me just yet. Speaking of eating, we are totally good on the breastfeeding front. We had a bit of snag a few weeks in, but everything has been great since, *sigh*!

+ Ella always has to have her hands free. She won't let us swaddle them up, she WILL find a way for them to be out. Speaking of those hands, since she was born she has loved her soother and doesn't like to let us put it in her mouth for her. She will bat our hands out of the way and hold it in herself. If only she could put it back in her mouth by herself when it falls out, HA! 

+ Ella's cheeks have really filled out and they are the most squishable, kissable things ever. Trevor and I smother her face in kisses. 

+ Ella is has a lot of slobber and bubbles going on these days! 

+She LOVES her 4moms mamaRoo swing! It totally calms her down, and entertains her instantly. She stares at the plush mobile for forever!

+ Ella still looks very confused when we give her a bath. I can't tell if she likes them or not. She also gets the same confused look when we put her in her car seat. She doesn't cry, just looks very concerned, haha. It is hilarious. 

+ I think one of our favorite things about Ella right now is how she loves to be eye level with us. We call it her being a "big girl" because we prop her up on our chest and she lifts her head up and pushes her body up off of our chest. She would be like this all day if we let her! haha 

+One of my personal favorites is watching Ella wake up from a deep sleep. She stretches her whole body and whips her head back and her chin and big cheeks are the cutest thing ever when she does this. I need to get this on camera some time!

To say we are obsessed with her would be an understatement :) 


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