39 Weeks Pregnancy Update & a VLOG

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Well folks, I am truly at the finish line! I am 39 weeks pregnant and 3 days with only 4 more days until my due date! Baby girl is the size of a Watermelon!

I have decided that this Friday will be my last day of work, the day before my due date. That is if I don't go into labor before that! I was planning on working up until I went into labor, but Trevor convinced me I should take some time to relax and rest before the baby comes. It didn't take too long for him to convince me of that with how tired my body has been though! haha Not much has changed since last week really. Still uncomfortable and ready for baby girl to arrive. Still trying to get everything ready before the baby comes. I am starting to think you can never fully be "ready" so I just need to go with it at this point. I have my last scheduled doctors appointment tomorrow, which is pretty surreal. I might have to another one though if she doesn't come this week. I believe I wrote this in my last update, but if I don't have the baby by the 29th I will be induced that day. So I guess we shall see what happens!

I finally posted a new YouTube video! Talk about procrastinating, the last one I did was me announcing I was pregnant and doing my 13 week pregnancy update! haha I do plan on doing more YouTube videos again, so stay tuned ;) I know, I know, like you haven't heard that before! haha


  1. You really are at the finish line! Good luck!!

  2. Your video was adorable! You are seriously glowing with this pregnancy, good luck over the next week or so =)

  3. Oh girl I totally feel all your symptoms haha! I'm SO excited to see your cute baby girl & hear all about your birth story! You are still totally rocking pregnancy! Hopefully you don't have TOO much longer! I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and already so done. This August pregnancy thing is sooo hot!

  4. Girl, I completely understand. Last year my husband got into a motorcycle accident and shattered his collarbone two days before we were supposed to leave for a European vacation! Instead he had a plate and 8 screws put into his reconstructed shoulder, and I spent the vacation time off from work taking care of him. :P :P :P

    On another note -- I LOVE this video, you are absolutely adorable and hilarious!!!

  5. I am always worried about Tim when he is riding his motorbike, yeah when she is born you will hopefully look at her and the right name will come to you, hope you don't go over that sucks, I was 14 days late with Natasha and thought she would never be born

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  7. You're so close! How exciting! That video was so cute. Sounds like you've been getting your stretch marks in the same places where I got mine! Your husband is right, they really aren't a big deal. Especially when you're married to a sweet guy who won't even notice them. Good luck with birth! You've got this!

    Sierra Elizabeth

  8. The finish line is truly right there! Eeek! How exciting! :)

  9. Congrats!!!!! I can't remember...are you having a boy or girl??

    Melissa | "So About What I Said"

  10. You are so cute and I can not wait to meet your little one, I hope Trevor is feeling better!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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