Are you tired of Pinterest yet? No, me either. While we have all tried baking or creating something that failed miserably from Pinterest, I am sure we have all found some amazing successes as well. Take for example these scrumptious girl scout tag along cookie imposters. Not only are they amazing, but super easy to make! Fool proof, no bake, amazing goodness. My sister-in-law found them on Pinterest and made them for a Christmas Eve snack last year... they didn't last long. I made these a few weeks ago and they were so simple, yet taste like they took a lot of work! Even Trevor has made them. These are now one of his favorite treats.

I have decided that my Pinterest boards themselves have become a little overwhelming. You pin it, but how often do you really go back and check out your pins to make them? Sometimes I do, and it can be hard to find it after I have pinned hundreds of other delicious treats and projects on top of it. So I thought I would start putting together a Pin Worthy post where I feature my top pins from the week. The things I really want to try, or have on the forefront of my mind, stored here on the blog - somewhere I see often. Beware, most of my pins are food. I mean, what else would they be?
Find recipe HERE.


  1. I love Pinterest, too :) Just recently somebody told me it was "so 2012" but I don't agree, I can pass hours happily pinning away :) Nice roundup, the girl scout cookies sure do look amazing...

  2. Have to say those bread rolls with the butter knob look really nice I like fresh bread with real butter

  3. The ritz recipe is one I keep saying I need to make it's so darn simple! I've heard if you dip a ritz in peppermint flavored chocolate it tastes exactly like a thin mint, texture and flavor.

  4. I loooove Pinterest too! I am always pinning but forget to go back and actually bake/make the thing! PS I miss your YouTube videos :( Are you coming back? :)

    1. Sorry Emily, YES I AM! I get so many people asking me about that. I feel bad but life has been slammed. I plan on being better and uploading videos more regularly :)


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