A few months ago Theorie reached out to me about trying out one of their flat irons and blow dryers. Theorie couldn't have reached out to me at a better time, because I was on the market for something new since my blow dryer and flat iron were getting old. When the shipment arrived I was very impressed with the packaging. There was this beautiful leather box that I couldn't possibly discard, and inside just as beautiful appliances, sleek and modern.
Now I want to preface this with I get sent products and items that I don't feature on my blog, because unless I truly love it I am not going to recommend it. And the SAGA 3100 Blow Dryer from Theorie was...WHOA. Just, WHOA. It blew me away, no pun intended. I have never had a nice blow dryer, so I had no idea what I have been missing out on.

With the price tag of $199, it would have to be incredibly out of this world for me to recommended it to you. I feel like people are much more willing to spend money on a flat iron than a blow dryer, but when you think about how often one needs to blow dry their hair, and the damage a bad blow dryer can cause, investing in a high quality blow dryer makes more sense to me. This thing has so much power. It made me realize what I have been using is like having someone blow on me to get my hair dried. This thing gets my hair dried in what feels almost instant. It cuts my hair routine down in over half the time. This is due to the fact that it has precision air control to lock in moisture while drying hair 50% faster. I can attest to that! I wish I could have you come over and try it because it is that good. It is also a high performance and energy efficient blow dryer, consuming 15% less energy than the leading 1875 Watt hair dryer. The matte black is stunning, and the dryer is super light weight. It is bigger then my old dryer, but lighter, go figure! It even has an 11’ professional cord, which makes all the difference for someone like me who gets all tangled up in my bathroom. Don't the cords never seem long enough? Another cool feature is that it doesn't just have hot/cold, it has six different settings that allow you to control airflow and temperature based on hair type and desired style. This sucker has a heat output of over 300°F (149°C)! Basically, if you haven't caught on by now, this puppy is my new favorite toy. I often would skip a morning shower to avoid blow drying my hair because of the time it took. But now this makes it so easy and is significantly less damaging to my locks that when I need to I have no problems fitting it in. And if all of that wasn't impressive enough, it comes with a lifetime warranty, making that price tag even more amazing.

When it comes to a flat iron I want two things. A tool that can get very hot, and one that is designed to do the least amount of damage on my hair. If a flat iron or curling iron aren't hot enough, you have to go over the same section of hair multiple times to get it straight. I hate that! The Classic SAGA Flat Iron definitely doesn't have that problem. Inspired by stylists, this adaptable tool is meticulously constructed with solid titanium floating plates that heat to 450° (232°C) quickly, allowing you to create more intricate styles in less time. What are floating plates you ask? The innovative floating plates allow for superior alignment and cushion your hair whilst straightening so there’s no indentation or snagging, just perfectly smooth results. This straighter just glides you guys. It is like silk on your hair! To prevent the look of stressed, overheated strands, this iron features negative ion technology and natural Far infrared properties that eliminate static and frizz and put a stop to heat damage.
The features on this thing are as good as it gets. It has a sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip designed for professional comfort and control. They also come in a variety of colors, I am drooling over the blue one! It boasts a dual MCH heater that delivers consistent heat distribution and temperature balance. It has an adjustable temperature with digital LCD display. And for those of us who have mini panic attacks wondering if we forgot to turn off our straightener, you know who you are, it has a programmable auto shut-off. Hallelujah! The cord on this thing is also BOMB. The 11-ft. heat-resistant textile cord has a 360° swivel, I mean, where was this thing when I had to share a bathroom with 5 siblings?! haha It also comes with a heat-resistant travel sleeve included, which is a life saver when you are traveling and needing to get ready and pack quickly. And of course, as with all Theorie products, it has a lifetime warranty.
Hopefully you can tell by how much I wrote about these two products, how much I really love them. Theorie is an amazing brand, high quality products that out perform. And I want YOU guys to experience it too...
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  1. Omg! I won! Thanks so much Alycia!

  2. That is really expensive, but you're so right. You get what you pay for and a you can't beat a lifetime guarantee.

  3. Looks awesome!

    Flat irons are always a great investment.

  4. I won too thanks to you and got my prize pack in today. It's absolutely awesome!!! Thanks for the post letting your followers know! It's their Argan oil shampoo, conditioner, repair cream and repair serum PLUS the blow dryer and flat iron featured here. Happy mommy dance!! 😚

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