"If you come to san francisco, summertime will be a love-in there"

7. Have a girl's weekend with my best girlfriends from high school.
10. Explore San Francisco. (I went when I was a little girl but don't really remember it)

I was able to kill two birds with one stone off of my twenty five before twenty five list this past weekend! Me and my best girlfriends from back home have always complained about the fact that when we all come home to visit it is during a holiday or family event where we don't have much time to really hang out. So we have always talked about doing a girl's trip sometime. Well, we finally DID IT. 

We picked San Fransisco because Michelle would be participating in an Opera Company there this summer, and it is a place we all thought would be fun. I was particularly excited because it is a place I have always wanted to go! I went when I was little girl, but hardly remember it. So to me, it was like the first time.

Can I just say San Fransisco stole my heart? Let me explain why. FOOD. I am pretty sure there is no such thing as a bad meal in San Fransisco. We ate our hearts out! I will get into that more later. I also love the vibe of the city, the buildings and amazing architecture, the history. It totally reminded me of Europe. It was very reminiscent of Paris. Just the way the whole city functioned made me think I wasn't in America. I loved all the diversity. 

Our hotel was built in 1929. I love the architecture of it. It still has the same operating elevator! It was fun, and kind of creepy all at the same time, haha.

Saturday morning we got into our hotel and then headed off to catch some breakfast at a place my friend had recommended called Stacks. We got caught up with each other while we each enjoyed our stacks of pancakes. I got the Macadamia Nut, Banana and Coconut pancakes. Oh my heaven. It was too rich for me to even finish! 

We then made our way to Alamo Square, but not without getting distracted first of course. I love all the fun things always going on in San Fransisco! On our way we stopped by a garage sale, and spent time admiring all the beautiful houses. I love me a good bay window.

It was the perfect sunny afternoon and we laid in the grass, people watching and playing with all the dogs. What is up with San Fransisco and all the dogs? Lots of dog lovers there. Speaking of dog lovers, one dog decided I was his new best friend, and wouldn't go back to his owner. I didn't mind, I almost put him in my purse and walked away :) It was super windy, but it felt great since it was actually a pretty warm day, which was a nice treat in San Fran from what I hear.


We obviously looked at the Full House, house. I have always wanted to see that! Childhood dreams accomplished.

We had walked through Japan Town and it had sparked the urge for Japanese food that night. I was so excited because walking through Japan Town looking at all the different restaurant options it brought me back to being an exchange student in Japan. I can't tell you how authentic is was there. Everything looked just like Japan did. Everyone speaking in Japanese and the plastic replicas of the dishes being offered in the windows, everything was the same. 

For the first time since I went to Japan I had some authentic Japanese food! Oh my gosh I inhaled that Beef Udon so fast! And I ate my tempura shrimp slowly to make sure I enjoyed every last bite! We went home stuffed and satisfied. If only I had, had room for more. 

To end the night off right we headed to the store and picked up candy and treats for a night in, in our pajamas. I also had to grab some aloe, story of my white girl life. In between chewing on peach rings, and chocolate we talked the night away as if no time had ever passed between our middle school sleepovers ten years ago.

Sunday morning we went to a place called Kate's Kitchen that Allie had recommended. To anyone passing by it doesn't look like anything special, nuzzled between an apartment and a place that sells medical marijuana... but let me tell you, this place has THE BEST breakfast I have ever had in my life. The menu is so hard to choose from and as you see plates come out of the kitchen, each time you think you must have ordered wrong because "whatever that is look amazing!"

But it is impossible to order wrong at Kate's Kitchen, it is all amazing. I got the orange spice french toast with strawberries, blueberries, bananas and lemon curd. The tastes all came together beautifully, not just beautifully but perfectly! The orange spice was just the right amount of hint, and the fruit was fresh and the lemon curd just topped it off! I didn't want the experience to end.


After breakfast we walked around some of the shops, such amazing book stores and vintage thrifting going on in San Fran. After we had explored a bit we headed out to Fisherman's Wharf to see Michelle perform. It was nice to have a lazy Sunday morning and get to hear some great musical performances. It had been a pretty drizzly day so after the performance all we wanted was some warm hot chocolate. We headed on over to the popular Ghirardelli Square. Of course by the time we got there we got distracted, and ended up getting ice cream sundays instead! What can you do, I am in ice cream girl at heart.

We headed home to dry off and ended the night with some make your own pizzas at a pizzeria at the corner of where we were staying. Again, it was amazing! I love me some artichokes on a pizza.

being silly :)

Monday morning we couldn't stop thinking about how amazing Kate's Kitchen was, so we obviously went there again. This time Michelle was able to join in on the fun and the four of us each had a new dish that was amazing. I tried their cornmeal pancakes with the same toppings I had, had on my french toast. Let me just tell you, I have decided that all pancakes needs to be cornmeal pancakes! Holy Cow! The texture, the taste, all of it was just great! I will be learning how to whip some of those up that's for sure. Michelle has some pumpkin, chocolate and whip cream french toast and I decided it just might be worth it to fly to San Francisco to eat at Kate's on the daily... just sayin'

When can I move in? Kay, thanks.

After brunch we headed on over to see the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. It was pretty foggy so it was hard to see at first, but we enjoyed walking along the pier and seeing the city skyline. Just as we were leaving the clouds cleared up and I got myself a good glance at the bridge! Loved it.

We all decided we needed something sweet and got some baked goods at a pretty popular bakery in town. I got myself a lemon square and that thing was probably the sweetest food I have ever had! It made you pinch your lips, in a good way!

We parted ways with Michelle who had to practice and we headed back to the hotel to figure out our flights. We had all gotten notice that our flights had been delayed over three hours! Apparently the weather had been so bad several flights had been delayed and even canceled. We couldn't be too upset because that just meant more time together. We ended up getting dinner together one last time before heading out to the airport. Michelle was a sweet heart and drove us all back, and it was nice to have one last moment all of us together.

The delays made me miss my connecting flight, which turned out to be a mini miracle for me because I got stuck in a city that my husband happened to be living in currently!! It was a sweet surprise for us to spend the night together! Even if it was super short, it was much needed. I had been missing that boy terribly and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. So thank you delayed flights and bad weather!!! :) :)

I loved everything about this weekend. San Fransisco is such a special place, and to explore it with people I love was such a treat. I love that no matter how much time passes we maintain the bond we have shared since we were little girls. They have been with me for every awkward transition into adulthood and I couldn't think of better women to have by my side. I can't believe we are all grown up. In reality, our lives are just beginning, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.


Check out the girl in the red shoes...

*Due to being out of town the last four days, I will not be doing the tid + bits link up this week, but make sure you have them ready for next friday! :)


  1. I am totally in love with this post! I've always wanted tp go to SF!!!! love the Full House house and all that delicious looking food!
    looks like a perfect girls time!

  2. These pictures look like so much fun! I'm glad my lovely San Fran treated you well!


  3. You made my life with this post, I LOVE San Francisco! Loved the pictures!




  4. it truly is awesome.
    i dont know if i can ever live anywhere else again.


  5. I love these photos. Congrats on checking off some items on your list! Hanna Marie

  6. Aw, my hometown is the other end of the Golden Gate Bridge....isn't SF the best???


  7. Welcome to SF. It's the bomb. I live thirty five minutes away and my dad took me to the city a lot growing up. Today we go all the time. The kids love the Exporitorium and Golden Gate Park, with the Japanese gardens and the really arched bridge. Did you go, to the gardens? I agree there is nothing like the city. I've been to NY and I like SF much better. :) Great time had for sure, take care,

    Shauna xo

    1. I didn't have a chance! I will have to come back again :)

  8. I want to go to San Francisco now!!

  9. Isn't it an amazing city! I miss is so much, we use to live just an hour away and spent tons of dinners and weekends there. Can't wait to head back next month for a conference and to visit friends. First time since we moved back to texas.

  10. You take such beautiful pictures! And holy crepe, that food!

    Also the pen orgy bag is cracking me up haha

  11. Wow! Lovely photos and so much fun too!!
    I will definitely put some of those places on a future San Fran trip. I have been wanting to go for a long time.
    And you look gorgeous! Your hair!!

  12. Looks like a fantastic weekend! And I love that your flight issues left you getting to spend the night with your man, how sweet :)

  13. Loved seeing SF through your eyes. I go to the city often. My best friend lives there and I'm only 2 1/2 hours away.
    Did you stay at the Hotel Mayflower? It kind of sounds like it by your description?
    I haven't tried Kates... but now it's a must next time I'm there! =)

  14. your so lucky on all the places you go too :O)

  15. LOVE SF and you are totally right about the food! So many great options!

  16. San Francisco is hands down one of my absolute favorite cities! So cool that you got to have a high school girls weekend there!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  17. Looks like so much fun! I would love to go back. I went twice in high school but it was for a nerdy conference thing and I didn't get to do much sight-seeing.

  18. looks like so much fun! i'm glad you all had fun! it's like mv & wv all over again!

  19. This makes me want to visit San Fran bad! My Dad used to work there and it' been a few years now since I've been. That purple house is gorgeous and you have me craving breakfast food now ;) And how lucky you got to see your Hubby! That's so awesome!

  20. How awesome, it looks like you had a GREAT time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. I love San Francisco. It really is a special place!

    All the food looks AMAZING!


  22. Wow what a post the pancakes made me feel like pancakes but I do love panacakes........the photos of San Francisco just so awesome makes me want to go and vist the place if only I didn't live in another country.........

  23. I need that pen bag in my life. I was thinking of the Full House credits while looking at your photos. And um, yes to all of the delicious food. Sounds like a great trip!

  24. Aw San Fran :) Love that city, looks like you really had a blast. So jealous of your meals.. holy yum!

  25. What a great trip (and recap)! Weekends with friends and exploring are the best! My best friend lives in Sacramento so I've been lucky enough to visit SF a few times and I would love to go back there many more, such a great and fun city! Now it's must so I can check out Kate's Kitchen...YUM!!

  26. Ok, First off CUTE bag! All these pictures makes me want to take a trip tot SF and eat all that yummy food. Glad you had fun.

  27. SO glad you loved SF. it is really amazing and i completely agree with you that it feels like you're in a foreign country! i absolutely love living here and it makes me happy to hear other people falling in love with it, too. :)

  28. Your trip looked so fun I have been dying to go to SF. So jealous!!!!

  29. You make San Francisco look like even more fun than I could have imagined. I must go right this instant, if only for the food. How lovely that you got to spend a night with Trevor to wrap up a fantastic trip!


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