fashion place mall - girl's day out

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but hey, we were too busy talking and running all over the mall!
Remember when I had a giveaway for a girl's day out? Well it ended up being SO much fun :) I loved getting to meet some new ladies and spend the afternoon shopping, talking, eating, and sharing with them. Fashion Place Mall was celebrating their 40th Anniversary and they couldn't have made the day better for us.

It was fun to see a bunch of my blogger friends :) and meet the girls in my group! My group was given some adorable swag bags, along with $40 to go shopping anywhere in the mall. If that wasn't good enough, The Cheesecake Factory hosted us and picked up the tab! THANK YOU Fashion Place Mall, so so gracious :) I think we all got our fair share of strawberry lemonade - best lemonade ever!

We hit up all the best places, J.Crew, H&M, Nordstrom, and everything in between. It was fun to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy a great day together. I am happy I was able to share that with you guys and meet your friends and family. Let's do it again soon :)

...strike :)

The last couple weeks Trevor has been swamped with studying. It can mean a lot of nights by myself. Thankfully I have made some pretty amazing friends since I have moved to Provo, and am never short of someone to call and hang out with so I am not at home wallowing by myself while Trevor studies late at the library.

A couple weekends ago me and the ladies spent the night eating Mexican food and bowling! It was so much fun, and I may have let my competitive side come out on poor Jenna :) who was killing me on the score board all night haha Such a great night out with the girls, which ended in delicious cups of hazel nut hot chocolate, mmhmm.

life via instaLOVE♥

having spooky cupcakes with my friend kelsey, I love halloween :) bowling &hot chocolate with girlfriends amazing sweet people who gift you with adorable handmade items and chocolate covered goodness! ♥ updating the apartment with new fun colors &ruffles ♥ having trevor tell me that my nails don't match because my glittery ring finger was a different color then the rest, haha ♥ seeing all the funny ways people try and spell my name on my orders, leesha, really?

♥ ♥ ♥

a new nephew :)

Last week my Sister Kira and her husband welcomed a new child to their family! Their third son! I have talked about my sister and her family many times on this blog. I have talked about their two adopted sons Evan and Landon. I have talked about how Evan has SMA. I have even talked about my sister's struggles with fertitlity.
Adoption can be a crazy process, one day you have two kids, the next day you have three! Kira and Justin have gone through a lot and are the most incredible people and parents. I think you should all go read about my new nephew Cameron :)

so this happened....

... and it just had to be documented.

a night at the opera...

Trevor and I had the opportunity to go to the opening night of the Opera in Salt Lake City this past Saturday! It was IL Trovatore Opera at the Capitol Theater. The theater was stunning and we had amazing seats, all the ingredients you need to enjoy a great show. I have always been a big fan of musicals and was excited to go to my first Opera. The entire show was in Italian and the voices on these singers were incredible. The story was very entertaining, with dramatic twists throughout the story line. 

To make the night even better I ran into some other wonderful blogging ladies! It was fun to share the night not only with my hot date but some great girls - all dressed to the nines might I add. For those wondering, I am wearing a sparkly number by Michael Kors. You should check out what the other girls are wearing and get to know them. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Gentri and  Amanda!
Trevor and I had eaten very quickly before the show, but were starving when it ended. So we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory since it was still open and right there at City Creek. Who eats dinner at 11:00 p.m.? Apparently a lot of people actually, haha. The whole night felt like we were back in 2008, staying up late, never wanting the night to end. Maybe it was being in Salt Lake City again, where all the magic happened to begin with. We didn't get home until 1:00 in the morning and wondered if we were already getting too old to stay up that late :) It was such a great night, and a wonderful date that I got to share with Trevor. Love him.

Apricot Lane Boutique Fall Fashion

A month or so ago Aubry from Apricot Lane Boutique contacted me about coming over to Apricot Lane Boutique to try out some of their new Fall Fashion they were getting in, and to put together an outfit to share with my readers. She didn't really have to twist my arm or anything! ;)
When I got there I was like a kid in a candy store, snatching up items left and right. Aubry and the staff were so attentive to me as well as the busy crowd that was there that day - it truley was impressive!
Fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to fashion because it is all about layers and boots - two of my favorite things! I was instantly drawn to their great sweater collection. To me there is nothing better then a great sweater you can wear in the fall. I was drawn to this one particularly for the print and cut, and I loved that you could wear it with a belt or just leave it open and flowly - I love me some versatility.
Then I spotted these Big Star orange red chord pants and had to try them. The texture and color just screamed FALL! They were also super comfy and I loved how they picked up the red zipper lining on my boots, which pretty much sold me on them.
When it comes to fall fashion, I love to go for comfort, and to play up the colors of the season. Overall the selection (&killer sales that were going on!) and amazing staff made for a great morning of shopping :) Thank you so much for having me Apricot Lane!
You should probably check em' out sometime!  
You can also find more of Apricot Lane line through their social media sites.


As you may have read, the night before the Marathon I was feeling very anxious. I was nervous about my knee injury that had happened the week before, and just wondering if I could really do this. My body, my mind, could I do this?

Running the Marathon with me was my older brother Ben, my Dad, my brother-in-law Justin, my little sister Sarah and her husband Sam. Justin flew in from Canada and had a couple of friends with him running it as well. As luck would have it, there were a few family friends from San Diego from the ward I grew up in that were running it too. It made for a fun group :)

The night before the Marathon we had a big dinner full of lots of spaghetti, bread, cookies... pretty much all the carbohydrates that I could fit in my body! I felt like I hadn't drank enough water so without even thinking before I went to bed I drank about 6 glasses of water. Bad. Idea.
I couldn't fall asleep because I had to pee about every 15 minutes, giving me a total of three hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 3:00 a.m. to get up and get ready for the Marathon. Having almost no sleep didn't seem to slow me down because I was just so anxious. I got up, stretched, got dressed, ate my bagel and headed out to meet my family at the buses that would be taking us up to the starting line.

Breaking in our gloves for tomorrow morning!

The start of the race was my favorite part of the whole experience, yes even better then the finish line. They had about 20 fire pits going, tons of food, music blasting and everyone is so excited. You could feel the adrenaline. My brother-in-law Justin is always super outgoing and his excitement made it even better. After we had taken off our sweats and went to the bathroom as many times as we could manage, the race started!

My Dad and I had done a lot of our practice runs together and found that we were usually the same pace, so we figured we would start the Marathon together, but no one was going to wait for anyone else if the other fell behind, we all wanted to get the best time we could.

It became a blessing that my Dad and I stuck together the whole race! We both agreed that having each other there helped us each do our best. When I was feeling weak he was feeling strong, and when I was strong, he was feeling weak. It was a great balance to have during the race and kind of made the experience even that much sweeter. I felt like I had come full circle since we had trained so much together and were able to run the whole Marathon together.

We were doing great, and didn't have to stop (minus walking right on through the aid stations for water etc.) at any part of the race until after mile 21. Then the notorious wall everyone talks about hit. Mile 22-26 were the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! I have heard several people talk about how they get really emotional at the end of the race and are crying when they cross the finish line. I didn't cry when I crossed the finish line, but I did get emotional at mile 24. For me mile 24 was it. I was done. I was tired, and I used every ounce of what I had left in me and I got a little teary as I told my Dad I couldn't do anymore. I had to just stop and tell myself to get it together.

Although it was excruciating mentally to have to tell my body it was not done and to keep it up, I  was able to regroup it to the point where we finished the Marathon. I always knew I would finish, but those last couple miles sure do play tricks on you. I was just so dang happy to be finished, and so was my Dad. The end was hard for us, but we both crossed the finish line holding hands with smiles on our faces as they announced our names.

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! What a mind trip, and talk about pushing your body further then you ever thought it could go!

Not only was my entire family there but so was Trevor's family. Such a great feeling to be surrounded by friends and family :) After the race I headed home to get a shower while I could still manage to somewhat walk - you think I am joking - ha. We ended the night off having a big joint family BBQ full of amazing food and gorgeous views of the red mountains to match. Such a great weekend :) I wish I had picture of the beautiful red rocks we got to see on our run, despite the pain, I did take moments to enjoy them :) 

 I was just a tad excited to see my family haha :)

 P.S. I still can't walk properly...

the awful waffle...

Last week I was invited to meet up with a great group of bloggers and ladies to have dinner at the Awful Waffle. The Awful Waffle was actually one of the first places I ate at when I moved to Provo. They started off as a little hole in the wall, and grew so fast that they just moved to a new location that is huge, and might I add beautiful! I loved all the decor elements they had in there. Oh and no worries, the food is still just as amazing.

Speaking of the food, they added pizza to their menu along with the fries, waffles and crepes. Everything was great and I ate way too much! As much as I love waffles, I honestly can't get enough of their crepes and the cream cheese sauce they have. I also love the variety in dipping sauces they have for their fries! There were also adorable cupcakes provided from Cupcake Chic, as well as some treats and decor from Snickerplum. Thank you all for providing us with such a great night!
 I absoulty loved their copper plated pizza oven... just gorgeous!
Also, how adorable are the table numbers?

 The get together was a hit with great conversation, amazing desserts, and new friends!

P.S. Any fellow Canadians out there? I hope you are having a pie today! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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