what women love.

Do you all remember when I did this post? You all made lots of guesses as to what I was giving a sneak peek for, some of which were pretty clever. But what I really did was a photo shoot with the lovely lady who shot these beauties to go along with her wonderful new series called Women Who Love. I was so happy to participate in this series because Lissa focuses on all the different things that women love and what women are passionate about.
I of course chose to focus on my love for history, cultures, &travel. 
Check out the full post here!


  1. woohoo. LOVED the photos, you are gorgeous Alycia :)

  2. loved the cute pictures! you are probably the prettiest history nerd I have seen :)

  3. I love the interview, Alycia! You're so pretty and I didn't know you were a history major! That's so awesome. :) history of every culture is highly important to our development as people.

  4. Alycia, I LOVED the pictures and I loved the interview and what you had to say. I'm so proud of you! Love you xxoo


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