Have fun!

Hope you all have a great Holiday weekend :)

..i got rhythm...

Trevor said I did a disservice to John Pizzarelli
by not posting a video of his skills.
So here yah go ;) haha

make sure you play it to at least 0:34...

...music to my ears...

Trevor and I have had the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful music the last couple weeks.
A couple months ago Trevor informed me that we would be going to see
John Pizzarelli in concert in December.
If Trevor had an idol, John Pizzarelli would probably be it.
&I totally saw why the night went to go see him.
He is incredible.
His talent literally leaves you with your mouth wide open.
For those who don't know, John is a Jazz Guitar master.
He also happened to be incredibly hilarious!
It was such a great night. There was this old (I am talking really old) man sitting in front of us at the show. He had come to the show by himself.
He was bumping and dancing to the jazz rhythm. He was so adorable.
I then looked over at Trevor and he was doing the same thing.
I couldn't help but giggle at the thought I had.
If I am not on this earth anymore, and Trevor is as old as that, and John Pizzarelli comes into town,
Trevor will be that old man, sitting alone, totally and completely enjoying himself.
(I wish I had gotten better pictures!)

This weekend we got to experience another treat!
We got to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.
Trevor gets tickets for free through his work and even though last year's show was so amazing...
this year topped it by a million for me.
David Archuleta was performing :)
David is so so amazing.
His voice is like velvet floating through the air!
Seriously he has such a distinct voice.
I have never heard a voice like it before.
Everything about the show was amazing this year!
SO SO SO good, and they sang some of my favorite Christmas songs :)

Music is one of my favorite things about Christmas time :)

...put a ring on it!

Over the Thanksgiving break I met with up with some of my friends to go have dinner.
We were going out to celebrate one of my best friends engagements!
I couldn't be more excited about it!
Her and her fiance have been dating since we were in high school :)
I remember when she first met him &was telling me all about him.
The girls wanted us to take ring pictures since we are the only ones so far.


...all we eat is corn...

I am currently working on my Senior Paper.
My topic has gone back and forth many different times, trying to narrow down different thoughts and ideas that I want to talk about.
Even though my paper has geared away from this topic, it is still something I am very passionate about.
If you haven't read Michael Pollan's,  The Omnivore's Dilemma, then you need to!
It will totally change how you view food, and products in general to be honest.

I am thrilled they have decided to make a film about this subject!
I can't wait to see it :)


I had an amazing Thanksgiving :)
...things I am grateful for...

 Turkey Bowl with my family.
 an amazing catch by my hubberz.

 Sisters soaking up some sun on the backyard deck...
 Landon exploring the Pacific Ocean :)
The boys invite friends over & play bored games, video games, all games pretty much all day.
 Ben was putting some pepper on his mashed potatoes. Nothing was coming out so he started shaking it really really hard... hahaha :)
Almost all of my family, and the missionaries shared in Thanksgiving dinner.


Do you think Trevor has enough meatballs?

...all that glitters

Not the best picture, but you get the idea :)

So the other day I was watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.
I am always in awe of the costume/fashions they create and enjoy the artists that play and just the whole show in general. Wouldn't it be amazing to go to one?
Theatrics and Fashion at its best.
Besides being envious of their bodies, something else caught my eye on the runway.
A pink studded, glitterfied (is that word?) Lacrosse stick!

For those of you who don't know, I started playing Lacrosse when I was 14.
I fell in love with it and have since played on club teams at the University of Utah and in San Diego.
I also coached a high school girls Lacrosse team.

Basically.... I want this stick!
The only problem is one actual check to that stick during a game would make all those
studs fly right off. So I am sure the refs wouldn't allow you to use it in an actual game play.
But still... just to have and look at it would be worth it :)


Since I got home from Thanksgiving my life has been a whirlwind. I don't think I have ever been so busy in my entire life when it comes to school, work and church, but mostly school! This poor little blog of mine has been neglected. But no fear, with things finally calming down I am finally back :) I still have to blog about my Thanksgiving break, geeze! I tend not to handle stress very well and it is something I have been trying to work on. I think I did better this last time around, and I read this quote a couple weeks ago and it really stuck out to me. Sometimes I let stress be my excuse to not do something. I understand that every now and then we do just need a break. But how often do we just let responsibility overwhelm us?
I have found that I am very capable if I want to be. If I choose to do it. If I don't find an excuse and push through all of that stress that builds to do the things that I know will make me happy. The last several weeks I have been reminded that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me, cares about me and wants the best for me. I also have an amazing husband who supports me and comforts me. As well as amazing parents who are always looking out for me, that comfort me when I am down and celebrate my victories with me. Today I am just grateful, and so full of love.  

the whole world in your hands... or your hallway.

 So something many people don't know about me is that I collect globes.
So when I stumbled across these images, I "ooooed and awwwwd out loud."

a globe light fixture? I like the sound of that :) 

... a little tune.

well at first i just thought it was the traveling.
i thought it would get better but it hasn't.
i am so sick.
i haven't been sick since i got the Swine Flu last year.
(yes.... i totally got the Swine Flu...ew)
anyways, getting sick has been no bueno.
besides the fact that i have been totally neglecting this blog
(i promise regular postings will be back soon.)
it is my finals week next week, &i have tons of studying and projects to do.
i don't get sick often... but when i do, my body has the worst timing ever.
so to brighten up my day, and maybe yours too haha i have a something little special to share with you all.
trevor as you know plays guitar.
he also plays many other instruments and enjoys recording music.
just for fun he put together a little song for me.
it was just a silly little thing, but I still am amazed that he can put something together like this.
literally all of it... the drums, the guitar, keyboard, effects, singing, etc. 
(he isn't a fan of his voice, so i love that he did this for me! haha)
it is called:
"something i cannot explain."

enjoy... or don't enjoy :) but i lovvvvves it.

please excuse the random picture, haha he just needed to upload on something so i could play it for you guys :)

p.s. it is the first day of decemeber! whoo hoo :) eating my chocolate from my count down calendar.