Waterton, Canada

I can't believe I haven't finished blogging about my trip to Canada this summer! After spending most of the time in Calgary and seeing our old home "village" of Rosemary we then went to Waterton. I have had the opportunity to see some parts of the world, and even though I have so much more to see... I am willing to say that Waterton is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. My dad grew up in Cardston Alberta Canada, and would spend half of the year working at his families hotel in Waterton. Waterton is a National park.... and it is beautiful. My dad has always loved the outdoors and seeing where he grew up and spent so much of his time, I really can't blame him. It is simply breathtaking. We had a lot of fun while we stayed there. My sister's husband also spent a lot of summers in Waterton and got to spend some time at his family cabin there. The first night we got there Justin led us on a midnight hike! It was well worth walking in the dark and me and Kira being afraid of bears and annoying everyone with the "bear bell." We got to the top of this mountain to see the beautiful lakes of Waterton glistening in the moonlight. I wish my digital camera took good pictures in the dark... but some things you just can't capture with a camera. We then illgeally lit some fireworks... since it was still Canada Day, and hurried back down incase we were to get caught :)
The next morning we took a family hike. It was beautiful and really really wish Trevor had been there. Of everything we saw and did in Canada this would be the place I would want him to see the most. I think he would have really loved it. The hike was perfect and then we headed on to see some beautiful water falls and other attractions like the beautiful Prince of Wales hotel (which I had family work at, and help build!) It was so cool to see so much wild life! We saw a black bear on the side of the road, some cool mountain goats, and tons and tons of dears. The animals just wonder so freely around Waterton. Later that afternoon we took a ride on these really cool "put puts" as liked to call them. They look like those little carriages people ride in Thailand. We had way too much fun riding those around town and annoying people. The best part was when it started pouring rain on us!
We ended the night with some swimming and a big family dinner. Days don't get much better then that.

 (I didn't take this one, it is via google images, but I wanted to show you all what I couldn't capture in a picture! Like I said, this place is almost magical)

(Trevor says this picture looks fake... it is NOT! I can show you the series of them if you want, haha.)

She &Him

So tonight I will be going with my great friend Taira to see She &Him. They are apart of the 2010 Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake this year.... you know what that means right? I am going for FREE :)
I am SooOooOoOOOOooooOoooooO EXCITED! It will be a fun night, with a friend who likes to have just as much fun as I do! As much as I complain about the inversion, the cold, etc. of Salt Lake... there are some pretty cool things about this City!

Hungry Man...

I guess this is what happens when you leave your husband home by himself for a week?

San Diego was perfection... but I am so happy to be home with my Trevor.
Looks like his stomach will be happy to have me home as well :)

Heading home...

This picture was taken at Wind and Sea beach in La Jolla a couple weeks before I left for my freshman year of college.

So today after work I will be getting in my car and driving down to San Diego! I am so excited, yet so sad at the same time, because Trevor isn't coming with me :(
I don't know why he does it to himself but he refuses to give himself a break for anything. He has been working so hard studying for the LSAT going to classes three times a week and doing extra studying every day. He also works full time. I begged him to come with me... but he says "he can't."
I wish he would do more for himself so he would be less stressed, silly boy! He hasn't taken any time off this entire summer! We did make two quick weekend trips to St.George for two of Trevor's friends weddings, but really only got to spend a day with his family... so two Saturdays of the summer doesn't really count as a "vacation."
This summer I took two classes and worked part time but since my classes have ended I have been working full time. I did get to go to Canada this summer to see my little nephew be sealed to his family. (I will finish blogging about that trip soon!) It  was a great trip, a lot of fun... but I wouldn't use the word "relaxing" to describe it. It was busy busy planned days, with a lot of family and babies, haha.
I have barley seen any of my San Diego friends since I went to school out of state, and then got engaged and didn't move back to San Diego for the summer last year. So I have not been home (with actual relaxing free spare time) to hang out with my friends from San Diego since the summer of 2008!
So excited would be an understatement! I am planning on hitting the beach a lot, sleeping in for once this summer (I have to wake up at 7am everyday for work) spend time with my family (my sister and my dad's birthdays!) see my friends &call/text my hubberz that I miss already! I am exited to do something relaxing for my last week of summer before school starts again... I feel like I just got out of school. Oh yea, I just did.

One Year

People always say the first year is the hardest. I guess I will let you know in about ten years if I agree. What I do know is that marriage is definitely not a walk in the park. I am not going to sugar coat it... it is hard work, and I sure I still don't even know the half of it. I mean we just started! With that said, I believe marriage is one of the most unselfish things you can do in life. You have to put someone else and their needs before your own, and that isn't always easy to do ALL the time, no matter how much you love someone. Marriage truly  can make you a better person.  It makes you more humble and self-less, which will make you able to really expand more love. No matter how difficult it has been to learn to live with someone and be married, it also has brought me the greatest joy I have ever experienced as well. I guess that is the trade off. It is hard, but I can't imagine not being with my Trevor. I have learned a lot this year, and I know I will never be done learning. I am just happy I get to spend the rest of my life figuring it all out with someone I love. Time really does just pass on by. It feels like yesterday that me and Trevor were married. I remember every single detail perfectly. I can NOT believe we have been married a whole year already and I can't wait to see what is up next for us :)

Pictures from our first year of marriage :)

Married August 11th 2009

Burnt, sore &tired...

This past weekend our good friend mark got married down in St.George. We made a whole weekend trip out of it and got to spend some time with Trevor's family. My brother Ben and his wife Sharley happened to be in St. George as well and this past Saturday, they came along with me and Trevor's family to go to the lake and go boating. We all had a blast, but woke up paying the price! I can harldey move, haha and got way burnt (even after multiple sunscreen applications mind you!) But it was all well worth it :) It was a great relaxing weekend... wake-boarding, tubing, knee-boarding... nuff said.

We lost Sharley...


 Trevor got cold so he thought the life jacket would keep him warm haha (doesn't it look like Trevor's dad is watersking on Trevor's shoulder?!)

Fun Fun FUN.

Canada Day

It was so much fun being in Canada for Canada Day! We had the opportunity to go back to the town we lived in before moving to San Diego. It is so small it is actually not considered a town, but is technically a village. YES, that is right... a VILLAGE! I am from a VILLAGE :) The Village of Rosemary to be exact.  To give you an idea, in 2006 the population size was a whopping 388!
There isn't a hospital in Rosemary so I was actually born in Brooks, which is about 30 km away from Rosemary. Anyways we went to Rosemary for Canada Day because they have this fun little parade down the Main Street (pretty much the only street)... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! There is just something special about small towns. It was fun for my parents because so many people they know still live there. They kept running into people and there was alot of hugs and memories exchanged. It was fun. I had a lot of people coming up to me and remembering me as a baby and babysitting me etc. It was just a great afternoon! It was fun to see the house we lived in... and I remembered where my old room was and looked in the window and you would not believe it! THE SAME WALL PAPER WAS UP! I understand it is total stalker status to look into someone's house but it was my old room and I just couldn't resist. I could have died seeing that the people hadn't changed the little polka dot dog wall paper I so dearly remember in my bedroom. That means these people have left up the wallpaper.... are you ready? For 18 YEARS! Okay wow.
Anyways the parade was great, and we got to see some farm animals, and the kids were all dressed up in their Canada Day attire and were loving it all! It was a fun day :) Now if only there hadn't been so many dang mosquitoes it would have been nearly perfect.

Here is what Rosemary looks like...

Here is me standing outside of the tiny hospital I was born at...
Me and Hayley were READY TO GO!

The local kids hanging out by the hip and happening General Store... oh yeah.

Bored because the parade went around twice... probably because it was so short to begin with haha :)

This is the first house I ever lived in and these windows were to my bedroom (which still had my same wallpaper up!) they literally haven't touched the house since we left... paint and all.
I thought my Dad looked rather festive :)

The Grand-kids were just ADORABLE :)