Canada Eh? Back to the homeland...

As some of you may know, I was born in Canada. My entire family is from Canada, and most of my extended family still live in Canada. Even though my parents moved to San Diego when I was three years old, we went back to visit family and friends every so often in the summers when I was younger. It has been forever since I have been back to the good ol' homeland, and I am tickled to get to go back this summer! My older sister ended up marrying a Canadian (even after leaving the country) &since has found herself living in Calgary with her two adorable little boys. Speaking of these adorable boys, my nephew Landon's adoption has been finalized and he will be sealed to my sister and her husband and his brother in the temple. I wouldn't miss that for anything. Unfortunately Trevor wont be able to come, but I am so excited to get to make the road trip up with my parents,s little sister Sarah, and my sister-in-law Serene and her two daughters, Sydney and Hayley. We are going to have SO much fun :) We will be up there for Canada Day and everything and I just can't express just HOW excited I am! So I hope you all have a great week and a great 4th of July, but I will be out and about for a bit roaming the homeland!

Oh and YES, I was so bored at work, that I made this...

*P.S. I have a fun surprise for you all when I get back! :)

Cabin Fever

So this past weekend one of Trevor's friends had a bunch of people over at his cabin. With last projects and final papers for the end of my summer classes this break was ideal. It was such a peaceful environment, and so beautiful. I got to sleep in and enjoy pure silence. One afternoon we went out shooting. Everything was just breathtaking! I got some good target practice in and boys had fun searching for little critters. Later we played some basketball. Us girls didn't last long and ended up just watching our boys play :) We lounged around watched some movies, and had some good conversation. It was the perfect quick weekend getaway that I have been needing since I feel like I haven't had a break at all this summer... &isn't a break what summer is suppose to be all about?! It was a lot of fun, &me and Trevor decided "someday maybe" it would be amazing to have a Cabin of our own. Maybe in Park City, and we could go snowboarding all day and have Cabin life by night? Oh maybe someday... many many many years from now. But we can dream, right?!

 I Love how Trevor is playing in his hiking boots.... totally reminds me of Justin Bobby on the Hills when he wears his boots to the beach. Random thought, but hey.... haha

Such a fun weekend.... :)


So I am very very close to my little brother.... &had to say goodbye to him for two years last week. My little sister Sarah and my parents came up to Utah to drop him off, &it was so much fun to have some of the family together. The day before we went to drop him off the MTC and had a BBQ with family &friends.

We went out to lunch before dropping him off at the MTC :) It was a fun afternoon!

Last hug for two years :( I bawled like a baby saying goodbye to him.
 Now this was kind of embarrassing to post.... but it truly captures my emotions at the time. I love him so much, and I will miss him more then I thought I would.

Daddy Day

I have been so blessed to have the Dad I have. He is the sweetest, and smartest man I have ever known. He is constantly an example to me on the type of person I should be, and has taught me so much. He believes in me, and sees me as the women I want to be someday. I don't know who I would be today, if it wasn't for my dad. He is such a caring person, and so involved in anything I have ever done in life. He loves me more then I think I could possibly imagine, and tells me all the time. Ever since I was born he has called me Belle. I use to think it was apart of my name, I would tell people my name was Alycia Belle. He has always told me that I was beautiful, and smart. Today he still calls me Belle :) Thanks to my Dad I know I will always have someone who loves me, wants the best for me, and will always be there to help me when I need it. I love him so much, and I am happy and lucky to say he is more then just my dad, but truly a best friend.

You are Spineless!

Sorry I have been MIA latley! I have had a rough couple of days... fun, yet sad and emotionaly draining. I will tell you about that later. But this brightened up my day so I thought I would share!
Seriously these girls really must be spineless... because I can NOT get over how flexible these girls are! I always make fun of Trevor because he is super inflexible, I would say I am about average, but these girls.... I swear, they have to be missing bones.... watch it all the way through, it is crazy!

Old Photo...

Because I love reading the busybeelauren blog, I decided to take her up on her challenge because it seemed like fun :) So the challenge is...find your favorite old photo, and post it, and tell the story behind it, and why you love it so much. So while thinking about what this might be... I decided it had to be this photo...

This picture was taken on September 28, 2008, while waiting for the Sigur Ros Concert to start. I had met Trevor in August and we had been pretty much inseparable from that point on. I love this picture because that day meant so much to me. I will never forget the moment we shared at that concert. They were playing the song Hoppipolla, and Trevor had wrapped his arms around me and we were dancing to the music... it was ultimate romance. I leaned my head back, and we kissed (one of those nice, long, gross you out if you saw it in public, but love it when you see it in the movies type of kiss). 
That was the moment I knew I was falling in love with this guy. This guy who was only suppose to be a couple fun nights out... not this kind of night. That night meant so much to me, and was such a turning point for me in our relationship. Whenever I see this picture I will always remember that moment. Every time I hear that song I think about when me and Trevor fell in love. It was that song we chose to dance to for our first dance as husband and wife on our wedding day the next year.

Got to LOVE those sentimental moments.



Today is ten months since the best day of my life. I am sure you are all getting sick of my posts every month about how long I have been married, but I can't help it! I hope I always stay this excited about how long I have been married to Trevor :)
Just the other night me and Trevor were laying in the dark just talking. Part of our conversation was how fast time goes by. Trevor has just started taking his LSAT classes, and we have been talking about law schools, and talking about how close I am to graduating... we both couldn't believe how fast everything seems to be going. It was very exciting to talk about the future and how quickly it will be changing for us. I can't wait to experience all the fun changes we will be going through together. I love him more and more everyday. 
Randomly this has been on my mind about my Trevor.... he pushes me.
I have never been with anyone, or known anyone who sees so much potential in me and in life, and wants me to be the best I can. He pushes me to be a better person in every aspect of my life. When we first started dating this is what I first noticed about him. He has such high expectations of me... which at first scared me... but he gives me the confidence that I can do anything I want to do. I realized I had never been with anyone who made me want to be a better person, and a better version of myself that I could be. For this (among many other qualities) but this especially, I will be forever grateful, &is why I love him so stinkin' much. Thank You Trevor... for making me a better person everyday!


 (Some of the people who came to hear him speak)

So over Memorial weekend I went home to San Diego for my little brother's Mission Farewell. I was so excited to go back to the best place on earth :) The weather was perfection, and I loved seeing my family and friends. My brother did an amazing job on his farewell talk, it was so sweet, &genuine. He will make a great missionary. Later that day we had an open house for people to come over for some food and to say bye to Alex and mingle with friends and family. I had way too much fun with everyone!


 Trevor "loves" getting his picture taken, too bad he married me then! haha ;)
 Attempt Two

Cheesy but were getting closer :) haha

One of my big broferssss :) Ben

So Happy to be with this Girl :)
 We were just getting started on our craziness for the day....

After eating a lot of yummy food at the open house, and after eating a lot of this...
 We ended up doing a photo shoot in the bathroom with some, um Granny Panties....

YUP, Jamie and me kind of have too much fun doing nothing together, haha.