"I'm bouncing off the walls again..."

Whoah OH!--now that song is stuck in my head... Anyways this weekend was a lot of fun, Trevor and I met up with a bunch of his friends. First we played a board game called Loaded Questions. I had never even heard of it before, but it was really a lot of fun. I recommend it for a big group. I won by the way ;) Then we picked up some din din... Trevor's favorite of course. 5 Guys Burgers &Fries. We love that place, esp Trevor. He literally makes sounds while he is eating the burger. I love that they have peanuts to eat while your waiting for your food. I also noticed that most peanuts have two nuts in it. It made me think... why do we call it "Two Peas in a Pod" when most pods have way more then two peas? Shouldn't we be saying two nuts in a shell? Or two nuts in a peanut? haha It would make more sense, but Trevor pointed out it didn't roll of the tongue as well. I guess he is right. Anyways while enjoying my peanuts I saw this bored full of little papers that you can draw on etc while waiting. I thought this one was pretty cool, so I couldn't resist taking a picture :)
After that we all went to this tumbling gym and had a blast! I am still so sore from it, but it involved a lot of trampolines, a foam pit, and a bunch of other crazy things. The boys all went crazy on everything, and Trevor tried to master a back flip. We jumped our hearts out until midnight!
 Me and Echo had alot of fun playing in the Sumo Costumes :)
We honestly could NOT get up! These things were so heavy.
 Yes Trevor Jumped through this with Stanton holding it up. WOW!
 The Whole Gang.
I vandalized....shhh.
After we hit this really cool hole in the wall place in Provo called Sammy's. Alex use to work there. We got ourselves some shakes. Oreo to be exact. I just got a small one since it was late and I wasn't too hungry. The wall was covered in Polaroids of different customer who have come in. Some of the famous for example Ashley Tisdale. A lot of the pictures had phone numbers under them saying, Call me. So Trevor decided to write down one of his friends phone numbers under a girl's picture up on the wall saying "Call Me" He is hoping a bunch of guys try calling the number just to reach a guy.... oh brother.
Finally we called it a night and... I am STILL tired....bah seeing I didn't get into bed until about 3 AM! I feel like my body is still paying for it since we had to get up early for church.


  1. What a fun night! I'm glad you two are having fun on the weekends :) MC used to have the sumo wrestler suits for grad nite and then they wouldn't allow them anymore because the district deemed them unsanitary with all the different sweaty bodies going into them during the night. When you think of it that way it is kind of gross.

  2. is that gym in Provo?? We went there and I must have worn that same sumo suit!! How fun!!!!

  3. IT is in Provo. I totally had the same thoughts, "How many people have worn this? How many people have worn this that I know?" haha.

  4. I love Five Guys...but if I'm not careful I'll end up looking like those sumo suits :)

  5. P.S. I forgot to mention that I agree with Trevor...I kind of love 5 guys also :)

  6. Sounds and looks like you guys had a blast!!! Especially love the sumo outfits:-)

    P.S. yes I have a MAC addiction, it's a very expensive addiction but their eyeshadow is amazing!!!

  7. I looove loaded questions!!!

  8. Ok totally want to spend the weekend with YOU GUYS. I love how much fun you two love to have. Those sumo suits are awesome.


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