First Valentine's Day as Hubby and Wife...

Valentine's Day morning I woke up pretty early for church, I started getting ready and I hear Trevor grunting (he is NOT a morning person). He pops his head out from under the covers and says, "Happy Valentine's Day!" I smiled and said, "You too!" &continued to get ready. Trevor just sat in bed and starred at me. He kept just looking at me with this puzzled look on his face, and says "What are you doing?" I said, "Getting ready for church, something you should be doing." He put on his pout face and said, "But it is Valentine's Dayyyyyy, we need to sleep in!" "Ha nice, try my love." At least at church they handed out candy kisses on the way out the door. That made going to church on Valentine's Day a little better for him.
(I wore a purple dress, in honor of the V-Day)

After church when we got home and I made Trevor a romantic brunch as I would like to call it. I whipped up some crepes and melted down some Nutella, cut up some strawberries and pulled out some powder sugar and "voila" a Paris themed brunch. It was really exciting because I pulled out our nice China and we used it for the first time :) Food just tastes better when eaten of china, don't yah think? It was very yummy, and Trevor loved it so much he cleaned up the whole meal and kitchen as a thank you. GOT to LOVE that.

(I was pretty proud of my strawberry shaped hearts, okkkkkay!)

-->(Romantic Table for TWO, set with the China!)

-->(yummy, you know you wish you could have had some.)

Later in the evening Trevor took me to a free Symphony Show Case at the University of Utah. It was a bunch of different performers, all violins, piano, cellos, violas. There was even a singer who did an amazing job. It was a real treat, &the hall was simply beautiful, I mean LOOK at that Organ? Amazing. It was a simple and sweet romantic day :) I wish everyday could be Valentine's Day.... either that or Christmas... or my BIRTHDAY, haha!

P.S. Embarrassing side note of the day, when I got home from church and took off my jacket I realized.... I had forgotten to wear a BRA to church! WHAT?! I really was tired this morning... good thing it was cold at church so I wore my pea coat the whole time, or it could have been really, REALLY, embarrassing.


  1. Love the strawberry hearts. Happy Valentines Day!!

  2. okay, you gave me my laugh for the morning about forgetting to wear a bra!! Your hair looks cute in the pictures and I think your strawberries look darling and the brunch looks yummy! You should have used your Valentines Day place mats I gave you to dress the table up more. Did you even open that gift up? You haven't said anything.


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