Christmas time is in the air!

So the ladies at Senator Orrin Hatches office really do love Trevor. About a month ago they gave him tickets to go see the Annual Christmas Show put on by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Well we went last week and it was such a fun treat to be able to go, and it got me in the Christmas spirit! The show was AMAZING of course, This year it was called "The Wondrous Gift of Christmas" and the two special guests they had were the historian Pulitzer Prize winning David McCullough, and the well known famous soloist Natalie Cole. My favorite part was this organ solo, OH MY GOSH it was amazing. Trevor and I both agreed we kind of wish the whole show was done by him! He was amazing, and super talented. I wanted to get some pictures outside in the gorgeously decorated temple square with all the Christmas lights and trees and such, but it was SO COLD we could not handle to even stand outside a moment longer then we had too. All in all, it was a great date night for me and Trevor and a great start to the month of December and the CHRISTMAS FUN!

'And to All a GOODNIGHT!

My Last Final...

What a Great day today...
I had my last final and had just started it when all of a sudden out of nowhere I felt really really sick to my stomach. I thought it would go away but then I started to get dizzy and very nauseated.
I couldn't believe this was happening to me, I mean I was in the middle of my very important final. All of a sudden I knew I had to leave, I just felt like I was going to throw up all over my test.
I excused myself to the hallway and went to the water fountain where I tried to take a drink and feel better. Then...
I threw up in the trashcan.
Feeling 100 percent better, I got a quick drink and went back to take my test. My teacher told me I could take it another time if I wasn't feeling well.
I finished the test feeling fine. I STILL can't believe I threw up in the middle of my final. No clue why I felt sick, it came out of nowhere! Oh man... funny memory I will always have.

Best Brother-in-Law in the WORLD!

Just wanted to give a shout out because I am SO excited :) Justin is the BEST! He managed to find a great deal and was kind enough to get our whole family tickets to the Poinsettia Bowl game in San Diego where my Ute's are playing this year! I mean how giving and caring can you get? I AM SO EXCITED! Thanks JUSTIN! &you know this is giving when the guy is a BYU Fan, ha-ha :)! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!

"Were all in this Together!"

Well I had a fun morning, even though the day started at 6:30 I couldn't be too upset because I was so excited to be heading to East High school! For those of you who don't know, that would be "the" East High school where they filmed High school Musical. I was going to observe/student teach assist for Mr.B's AP Government History Class. I was a little nervous because I feel like I already look like a student, let alone going to a class of seniors where I am only about 3 years older then them! But can I just tell you... going to that class, and sitting and watch the students and the teacher and just everything *sigggggh* It just solidified to me how much I want to be a teacher, and I am so excited to someday have my own classroom and students :)
So just for giggles I thought I would sneak a picture to show some of my crazy fanned friends of high school musical cough*Sarah B.*cough haha what the school looks like OFF camera and just to document my first official day of high school on the "other" side of course!
P.S. I couldn't get that stupid song out of my head from the movie "Were all in this together!" Because the halls, and everything looked just like the film, its was crazy. Also that school is freakin HUGE I got so lost, so many floors, SO many kids. I thought television exaggerated when they showed kids running and bumping into each other in the halls, but I saw for myself that some schools are VERY much like that. Crazy!


Well if doing all the invites, and r.s.v.p's weren't enough, I have now been spending my time at work watch the speeches given at the Library Rededication and Transcribing them for the library to have on hand.... it is SO much fun! (thick sarcasm) Anyways I thought you all might enjoy Laura Bush's speech, cause I did. So if you are a tad bored and interested here you GO! (but you have to read it with a very thick southern accent in mind! haha)
The Rededication Ceremony
of the
J.Willard Marriot Library at the University of Utah
Laura W. Bush
Former First Lady, Teacher, and Librarian

I didn't like how much room this took up on my blog so I got rid of it :) If you want to read it or any other of the speeches given at the rededication just let me know!


Well this year was my first year not having Thanksgiving at my own house! Kind of weird, but I guess this comes with getting married right? Well I am happy that Trevor's family is fun and I was able to have a great Thanksgiving, even if I didn't get to have my Dad's amazing homemade apple pies (which I usually love helping out making) and my mother's untouchable in comparison to anyone's gravy. For thanksgiving me and Trevor headed out to Cortex Colorado where his grandparents live. It was just Trevor's family meeting up there. (with a couple different family members dropping by to visit throughout the weekend) Trevor's Uncle Buzz was out of town for the weekend so Trevor, me, Courtney and Eric all stayed at his home which is just down the hill from Trevor's grandparents. That is one thing that is pretty cool about where Trevor's grandparents live. They have so much family in that area that all live literally just houses away from each other, they are all neighbors. We got there Wed. night and I was introduced to the family game... Canasta. The Crowley's play this game religiously with each other and it is no joke in their family. Arguing, tears, competition is high and people usually wind up upset when they don't win. It was a new side of the family I had never seen. Fortunately Trevor and I were fine because we kept dominating the whole weekend as a team in Canasta, but we caused some fights among all the other partners the whole weekend. ANYWAYS, Thanksgiving we made some of dinner while Trevor's Grandma has the rest of it catered and brought it to the house. Trevor's Grandma usually makes all the food but since she is 94 she wasn't feeling up to it! Can you blame her? Trevor's grandparents amaze me. They are totally with it and are 94 and 95 years old, and it was only this year that they have needed/started to slow down a bit. Either way Thanksgiving dinner was great! We played canasta all night, some yahtzee, and zilch. The next morning we woke up early and went to go play Lisle's favorite sport, racquetball. I wasn't too horrible at it! After we got back Trevor's grandparents and parents took me to go see the 4 corners! I have always wanted to go there and it was only 20 min. away from their house. So I got to stand in 4 states at the same time, pretty neat! We then shopped around the Indian stores and I couldn't resist buying these two adorable little girl bracelets for Sydney and Hayley! After that we went home and Trevor's grandma made her infamous Navajo Tacos. There are so many Indian Reservations around Cortez they really influence the area. See my food blog soon for a quick recipe on how to make Navajo Tacos. Anyways we ended the night of course with.... CANASTA! haha The next morning we all woke up met with Trevor's cousin's family and headed to the Mesa Verde Indian Ruins. I have always wanted to go here since my the middle school I went to was name after these ruins. Pretty cool I have to tell you. A lot of the hikes to the ruins were closed because of the winter but we still got to see a lot. Me and Trevor decided we want to come back in the summer sometime and make all the hikes to all of them. I was just going crazy over all of them, I guess the history side of me was coming out! They were amazing, and beautiful and so cool. I have seen nothing quite like them before. Loved it. After the Indian Ruins me and Trevor started the drive home. It was a great weekend, and I saw some things I have always wanted to see, Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope you had a great weekend as well! I am thankful for my husband, and our amazing families, doesn't get much better then that now does it? LOVE YOU.
Right before Thanksgiving Dinner, yummy.
Driving to the 4 Corners.
Look I am in 4 places at once :)

CANASTA of course!
Navajo good :)
On our way to the Mesa Verde Indian Ruins.

Mesa Verde Indian Ruins.

Inside an Indian Bedroom.

Now with Thanksgiving over, it is time to be in full gear for Christmas!