Well if doing all the invites, and r.s.v.p's weren't enough, I have now been spending my time at work watch the speeches given at the Library Rededication and Transcribing them for the library to have on hand.... it is SO much fun! (thick sarcasm) Anyways I thought you all might enjoy Laura Bush's speech, cause I did. So if you are a tad bored and interested here you GO! (but you have to read it with a very thick southern accent in mind! haha)
The Rededication Ceremony
of the
J.Willard Marriot Library at the University of Utah
Laura W. Bush
Former First Lady, Teacher, and Librarian

I didn't like how much room this took up on my blog so I got rid of it :) If you want to read it or any other of the speeches given at the rededication just let me know!


  1. That was good. Thanks for sharing :) P.S. Is this your final draft for the library? There are some typo's :(

  2. haha thanks mom, no I was just suppose to transcribe it quickly, and they proof and edit before they make a book out of it.

  3. I've had to transcribe things for my journal at law school so I understand. After playing back the same 5 second segment for the THOUSANDTH time because the guy mumbled and people were clapping and so that you don't know what he was saying I wanted to slit my wrists!!!

  4. OH my gosh Brandon EXACTLY! haha she wasn't as bad as the Governor, I honestly couldn't believe how he got to where he is today with horrible his speech (the way he spoke not his actual written speech.)


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