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Well me and Trevor have not been feeling well for a little bit now... and this morning it only got worse. Swine Flu has been going around here in Utah like CRAZY, and everyone is worried about getting it. I was trying to deny the idea that me and Trevor could possibly have swine flu, until Alex started telling me what some of the main symptoms are. I then hurried home to check the National Pandemic Flu Service website to see what they had to say. Well... Looks like I have all but one of the symptoms on the list, and Trevor has all of them! Boo for us. I feel horrible but the website says most cases are mild and will pass just like the regular flu. SO it looks like lots of sleep, fluids, and medication for us two for awhile, and next time I will take the advice of the State and my mother to go get an H1N1 shot! :(


  1. Hope you two feel better soon! Love you! Take care of yourselves.

  2. Oh, and that picture is really gross!!

  3. That picture is disgustingly hilarious!!!

  4. You and your pig fetish. You were destined to get the swine flu. It just seems appropriate. Hope you recover quickly.


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