Sunny, WARM St. George Weekend!


This past weekend I got to getaway from the cold and nippy Salt Lake City to enjoy the warm and sunny St. George! This weekend was Trevor's younger brother's mission farewell talk (he is going to Chile.) Me and Trevor were super excited to be getting a weekend away since we have been getting really stressed out with school, and work etc. So after taking an incredibaly not fun hard Macroeconomics test we were on our way! I was really extra excited because my Mum, Dad and Sarah were coming up for it as well! We got there late Friday night and basically went to bed within the hour of getting in. Saturday morning I went to go get my haircut from Courtney. While there my Dad and Mum and Sarah all came to see me. I was suprised they had been up but laughed when I heard they had been canning food at the cannery... (I am sure Sarah just loved the fact that they drove all the way from San Diego to St. George to wake up and can food! haha) We all squished into the Salon and chatted before they headed out to go see New Moon with Dad's Cousin (so jealous!) While I rushed to go get ready for The Crowley Family pictures we were taking that afternoon. After the pictures we the boys all helped Trevor's dad put up Christmas lights, and all the girls headed to Costco to buy food for the open house/family lunch after Derrick's farewell talk. We drove in Trevor's dad's new 2010 Camaro and it was fun to chat and shop (even if it wasn't for clothes!) After that me and Trevor headed out to get presents for his mother and Derrick who had just had birthdays in the past months. FINALLY done with shopping I was excited for my family to come over. We spent the rest of the night all visiting and hanging out. Sunday Derrick gave his talk which was really great and we all enjoyed lunch after at the Crowley's. It was nice to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunlight!!! After everyone had left we played the Wii for a bit as a family then me and Trevor packed up all our stuff to head home. We stopped by the condo my parents and sister were staying at and visited for a bit while we picked up all the stuff my mom had brought/done for me (amazing scrapbooks put together of wedding cards and fun things, tons of Christmas decorations including a mini Tree!, all my laundry she thankfully did for me, and just a bunch of other random odds and ends.) Unfortunately me and Trevor hit a bit of a snow storm on the way home adding an hour onto our trip home! Looks like the snow is finally going to stick this time around, and it was back to the reality of our cold habitat. THANKS to my amazing parents and for sweet Sarah who all took the time to drive up to Derrick's farewell and to come see me :) I needed it and miss you guys all the time. I can't believe how happy I am and how blessed I am. Great great weekend, Love all three of you SO much!
So I got Bangs.


  1. Love the pictures. Three of my gorgeous girls.

  2. P.S. We've missed you also :) It was fun to see Trevor also :)

  3. It was wonderful to see you again. Can't wait until Christmas.

  4. Woah we were just there too...though just driving through. We were in the Ogden area for Thanksgiving. It was snowing a little bit as we were leaving on Saturday in the Beaver area.

  5. that one picture with you and mom is creepy how much you two look alike.

    So jealous of the weekend!!


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