Meteor's Flash of Light

Last night me and Trevor were crawling into bed, when all of a sudden our entire room lit up with light from the window. It was a split second, and I went, "Whoa what was that?!" Trevor and I assumed it had to have been a car making a u-turn or something. It was the only thing we could come up with. Then this morning I am realizing... wait, there is a huge fence and a yard around our bedroom window, there is no way light from a car could have done that? I was stumped. Then I get into work today to hear some co-workers talking about the huge meteor's flash of light last night. Last night a huge meteor lit up salt lake city as bright if not brighter then mid day for a split second! I found this video and story on the ksl site and it is pretty dang cool. You have to go watch the video! They are pretty sure the meteor is a straggler from the shower that just happened on Tuesday. "It was seen all the way from Southern Utah to Southern Idaho. There also are reports of people seeing it from Las Vegas and areas of California." I am happy to know the real reason why our room lit up like that last night, and even better that we were still awake for it! How cool would it have been, to be outside?! Crazy stuff this universe is capable of...

p.s. Apparently if you find some scraps from this thing in your yard or whatever they can be worth thousands of dollars. I say lets go rock hunting!!


  1. That is pretty cool! That's the stuff Dad LOVES!! He used to wake you kids up in the middle of the night to take you out in your pj's to see stuff like that. :)

  2. That is pretty darned cool. I really wish I could have seen it. Did you hear anything? According to the article some people heard a sonic boom which arrived about 5 minutes after the flash of light.

  3. I didn't hear the boom, probably because me and Trevor were talking. But you couldn't miss the light, it was crazy!


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