Family Dinner the night before the Wedding...

The night before the wedding we had the opportunity to have all our family and friends here for the wedding at a big dinner. It was so much fun! We had a lot of family and friends travel to come see us from parts of California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Canada! We got good ol Pat and Oscars and all just sat together and ate, shared stories etc. My Nana pulled one on my and did a "Panty Line" presentation for me. I was verrrrry red, but it was so hilarious. The poem went along with the different stages in your life and what under wear you wear during those stages. It was great :) It was just a fun night surrounded with all the people you care about, it was perfect.
Lisle the "MC"

Sarah Grandpa and Nana.
Evan ALWAYS has something in his mouth.... I LOVE this picture because i have about 4 identical to it all on different occasions.
Sydney does not like to sit still.

Getting over the embarrassment haha.


  1. That was a fun dinner :) It was nice to meet Trevor's side of the family where we could actually visit a bit. There is never really time to do that at the reception. It was fun to hear the stories. Nana certainly outdid herself didn't she?

  2. that was a great night!!!!! The panty line was the best! My favorite part was that all of the underwear got bigger as time went on. :-)


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