The Holy War

Here is a picture of people ready to rush the field before the game was even over! People were even jumping out of the stadium seats onto the field, im sure someone broke something. the cops were trying to stop people but there were way too many people. Waiting in that line was worth it to watch and experience such a crazy game! But to be honest, i wished it had been more exciting, because it wasn't even close, it was a total blow out! UTAH UTES WON!!!! CREAMED is probably a better word. BYU was pretty upset, i had heard about the rivalry before but experiencing it was very different. A fist fight broke out right in front of me! We had great seats too really close to the field it was awesome!

A SEA OD RED! After the streets were full of red and the town again couldn't go to sleep, Winning this game was huge for two reasons, we beat BYU our biggest rivals also known as "The Holy War" and it meant we were still undefeated and would be going to the BCS Bowl!!! EXCITING times here in Salt Lake City.

Trevor missed the "turn around and smile memo" haha.

Don't Play With Fire....

Well today me Trevor and a bunch of his friends all went out to the middle of nowhere and shot guns and blew things up and lit things on fire! Sound safe eh? haha, anways it was alot of fun, but very cold. Anyways i was alot better at shooting then i thought i was going to be, of course that was when i was using the smallest gun Trevor had a 22 i think it was? haha. Trevor wanted me to try his AK47 and i am not going to lie, i was afraid! I have a video of it for you guys to see, i totally closed my eyes right before i shot i was so afraid haha. But it really wasn't that bad.

So Trevor and his friends are in love with this stuff called Tannerite, its an explosive. They like to put it in bottles and place them inside TV's, computers, washing machines, refrigerators! Trust me these boys will blow up anything! It is LOUD, CRAZY, and FUN!

Now when i said these guys are crazy i meant it, Exhibit A. This is Stanton, Trevor's best friend who decided it would be fun to light his feet on fire. Oh and Trevor lit his head on fire, i don't have a picture of this because i was freaking out so bad yelling at him for doing it in the first place. He ended up scorching his hair on the whole back of the head! ugh.

Me and Trevor making weired poses, the heat from the bon fire was intense which i think explains my weired face haha.

Trevor being camera shy.

Just a cool shot of the fire one of the computers were burning in. I guess something electrical when it burns makes pretty colors!

Here is the little clip of me shooting the AK47 hahaha.

Camping out for the coveted game

So right after the TCU game me and Trevor felt spontaneous and decided to camp out in line for the coveted BYU vs. Utah game. When i say coveted, boy do I mean it. People were selling tickets for this game online for thousands of dollars. Because the game is at the Utah home field this year if you are a student you can wait in line and get two tickets for free! SCORE! I have always wanted to go to one of these games and i knew that this was my opportunity!

We were about the 5th tent from the beginning of the line, we were so lucky there ended up being hundreds of tents wrapping all around campus!!!

People got very creative for spending their time! haha we had alot of fun with all the people we met around us, but boy was it loooooong. I spent two nights and three days out there on the street and never left!

The Head Coach of the Utes team Kyle Whittingham along with some starting players from the team came with Pizza's to thank us for our support! I snagged a picture since i was one of the first in front of the line :)

FINALLY! we got our tickets! (i look horrible i know, no make up or shower for three days!) It was worth it though!!

TCU Game with Beta Girls

So tonight i went to my first ever Utah Football Game, and boy was it insane! I went with some girls from my sorority and we had a lot of fun. In the last two minutes the Utes beat the game, people had already started leaving and the game totally turned around it was one of THE most insane games i have ever been too! The streets were full of red and black and there was a huge after party and the whole town was awake celebrating!! Winning this game was a big deal to send us to the BCS Bowl.
Right after the game everyone started to rush the field and you can see here just the start, but the whole field was covered and it took forever to get out of there!

Me and Jessica Court having some hot chocolate in the freezing Utah weather!
Me and Elyse staying warm in our mittens, also getting nervous since the game was so close.

Univeristy of Utah

Well moving up to Salt Lake was such a drag and full of so much drama. Everything that could go wrong, did. But I have been here for a couple months now and have been loving life and getting adjusted to living down town in the city! I walk to the trax from my house, and take the trax everywhere, they are so convenient. I am loving my classes, but they are definitely stressful and not easy. I just want to be done with school and be in teaching in the classroom! Anyways some things that have happened since I have been here….
  1. Joined the Lambda Delta Sigma Sorority. I am in the Beta Chapter!!
  2. University of Utah girls Lacrosse Team
  3. Singed up for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon! (I start training soon)
  4. Made some good friends!

This is Trevor, he was my date for the Barn Yard Dance.
Scavenger Hunt in the Canyon.
Beta Powderpuff Football Game.