Quick Summer Update...

So it has been some time since i was on this....i guess i am not doing such a good job which is very typical of me when it comes to any type of journal keeping. To be honest i have to admit the only reason why i wasn't using it so much was because it was ugly. Is that terrible? I had Sharley help me spruce it up so now its "cute" enough for me to write on it, haha. Anyways now that everything is cute and in order i hope i will blog more often on this thing. So some updates of this past month (a lot has happened). I currently have two part time jobs one at the Pacific Athletic Club (some snazzy fitness/spa/pool place) where i work in the Child Care Center and watch the members kids. Its a blast and a lot of hilarious things happen every day. For example, i have caught flying poo in my hand (in mid air), accidentally eaten a child's booger and many more interesting situations. Now the second job is at my neighbor's store called Pacific La Jolla T-Shirt Company (i guess when you live right by the Pacific Ocean everyone feels the need to put it in their title) The store is right on the beach and I sell touristy items to tourists who have come from all over the world (im serious we have people from Sweden, Germany, Everywhere) to come visit the wonderful San Diego. That's a fun job, I get to meet a lot of cool people and watch the sunset everyday... but the time there can go by slooooooow. Oh well I am making money and at this point that is all the matters (i need money for school, donations accepted!!) Ben and Sharley just got married which was so much fun because the whole family was down. I love when the whole family is together. It is seriously the most fun you could ever have, anyone would be lucky to spend a day with our whole family. In fact speaking of family, my cousin Peter is living with us (until further notice) he just graduated and has moved to San Diego!!! I can't blame him, San Diego is the best. (Of course i am bias) Anyways he has been a lot of fun to have. He is very smart and funny and i hope he isn't too afraid of our family. We are pretty...open. Well to top it off I will be leaving for Europe on Wed with Craig and the Love Family. I am so excited. Last summer i fell in love with Europe and i can't get enough of it. I want to live there. Anyways I have to start packing because with these two jobs everyday i probably will be stuffing my undies in extra side pockets while I'm heading to the airport because i always procrastinate on these things!!!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!! YOUR ON!!!!!!! You ate a booger??

  2. Ewww flying poop, that must be one interesting story. I can't wait to see pictures from your Europe trip.


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