Holiday Gifts with Kohl's - $200 Giveaway!

Every year I try to get a head start on my Holiday Gift shopping... all it took was one year for me to wait until the last minute to realize how stressful and horrible I could make life for myself if I don't, ha! Recently I got myself a little early Christmas present, a Fitbit Flex! (Which is actually going to be on super sale on Black Friday!) Since having the baby I haven't started working out again and I was looking for some extra motivation to get my body moving. The Fitbit has done just that for me, I love it! 

Kohl's actually has a huge selection of tech and electronic products to choose from. With such a vast variety there really is something for everyone on your Christmas list. I have teamed up with Kohl's and put together a list of all my favorite picks so check it out and make a list for yourself because with the Black Friday deals just around the corner you won't want to pass up some hot deals for gifts this year! And Kohl's wants to help you get those gifts on your list by offering one lucky reader a $200 Gift Card to Kohl's! Check out how to enter on my Instagram account @alyciagrayce :) GOOD LUCK!

12. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera with Bag, 18-55mm Lens & 75-300mm Lens


  1. wow, these holiday gifts are very wonderful!

  2. I love Kohl's and the deals that they offer. I love that I can always get Kohl's Bucks. I really hope to find one of thsoe Fit Bits under my tree this year;)

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