Red Face.

So I have been a little MIA lately… a big reason is the fact that I am in hiding. I brought home a little present with me from Snowboarding last weekend… it is called windburn.
It looks horrible, and it isn’t getting better as fast as I want it too. It has been really embarrassing to be at work with. I would post a pic, but it isn’t very flattering, so here is a link to it if you would like to check it out. This is a picture of it when it wasn't so bad too... ehh.

I have been putting tons of Vaseline on it, but does anyone else have tips for helping speed up the process? It is just so red, and is peeling and has super dry patches of skin. 
No bueno people. No bueno.

Living in Yellow!

Erin and I are guest post swapping today, sharing some of what we have learned when it comes to blogging! Check my post out over at her blog... living in my favorite color... I mean in yellow :)

Hey you party animals you.
So {so} happy to be here today.
First off-my name is Erin and I write over at Living In Yellow.
{Just for clarification-I'm on the right. If only I was that cute...}
Awhile back I wrote this whole set of blogging lessons learned, and well--a few readers liked it.
So I thought why not share it with all of you beautiful creatures as well?
My hopes is that it will teach you a new thing or two.
And if it doesn't--you obviously are a smarty pants, so my hat is off to you.
Without further ado, I present to you:
1. So you wanna grow your readership base?
Unless you are the Momastery,
your blog is not going to go viral by staying confined to your own blog walls.
So what am I saying to do?
Sponsor other blogs.
Don't have the funds to pay for sponsorship currently?
Do button swaps with blogs similar in size to yours.
You give them your button, they give you their button.
Free of charge.
Just get your blog out there.
I started paying to sponsor other blogs six months into blogging.
My monthly page views grew by more than 40% immediately.
I now am a firm believer in sponsoring 1-3 other blogs on a monthly basis.
For more information on what you should look for when you are choosing what blogs to sponsor,
2. Give your readers more than one way to follow you.
Let's face it peeps.
Not everybody and their mom has a gmail account.
Meaning, not everybody and their mom can click on that handy dandy "Follow" button on your sidebar.
With that being said--you must give them other options.
Living In Yellow allows others to "follow" through these avenues:
Email Subscription
If I could tell you to do one thing immediately it would be this:
Create a Facebook page & Twitter account for your blog.
You may feel foolish because you only have 5 followers.
Trust me, I felt those thoughts.
Do it anyway.
People want to know YOU.
The person behind the blog.
And Facebook & Twitter are a great way to allow your readers to do this.
Wanna know if I am eating Twizzlers 24/7 or see what shoes I am wearing to work?
Your right.
Probably not.
Buuuut, if you do--Facebook & Twitter would be how you would learn this.
Second part to this--
These social media outlets are a great way to communicate with your readers.
Some of my favorite evenings are spent on my Ipad conversing back & forth with blogging friends.
You can't do that through your blog.
3.    Reach out to bloggers you admire
This is something that I did in the beginning.
I spent time researching my favorite blogs and shops.
And then I emailed each and every one to see if we could "collaborate" in some way.
I will be forever grateful to people like Heather at {Just.Lovely.Things} for giving me a chance to host a giveaway for her back in the beginning.
Don't be afraid to ask others for help.
Some people may so no.
But some may say yes.
Be thankful either way.
4.    If you want to make your blog posts funnier,
don’t allow your husband to proof read your posts.
 If you want to remain married, allow your husband to proof read them.
If you want your blog posts to be funny and you want to remain married,
“accidently” publish your post and tell your husband it can’t be re-done.
It will work.
 One time.
But after that, you must decide between options 1 and 2.
 Take your pick.
Oh, and only use the most flattering pictures of your man that you can find.
He'll appreciate it.
5.    Let’s talk about comments for a minute.
Leave em’.
And like I mentioned in part one of these blogging tips, if are you going to say something-make it nice.
There is enough negativity in this world, don’t bring it into blogging yo.
And if you do leave a comment, I beg you for the life of me…enough of this
“I’m your newest follower…come follow me back” crap.
Chances are real high that if you say that, I will not click on your blog.
This may sound harsh, but it is true.
People hear me out.
It is not about the quantity of followers, it is the quality of followers.
If you want to attract a blogger to your blog—leave a comment that means something.
Something that will intrigue the blogger reading it and will make them WANT to come to your page and follow.
Say for example a comment like this:
“I love, love, LOVE your blog! I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon it, but I'm so glad I did! I can be having THE MOST craptastic day at work, but as soon as I read your latest post, I can get out of fetal position, resist the urge to smack the crap out of my co-workers and get my work done :)
You have a fantastic sense of humor and a great outlook on life. Heck, you can even talk about poop, which in and of itself is pretty awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!"
Thank you The2Dees for brightening my day with that one.
Moving on now.
6. Pictures.
Again, like part one said--always use em'.
Two things to add to this.
Make them big, bold, and beautiful.
I don't want to have to squint to see that picture you just posted.
As far as making them look beautiful--take time to edit your pictures.
It makes a huge difference.
I use Google's Picasa/Picnik and sometimes Pixlr.
Others may use Photoshop.
And those others are a heck of a lot smarter than I.
7. Word verification.
Take it off.
Like now. 
 I get excited when I about to leave somebody a comment, and the minute I see that stupid box with words that I can’t read staring me in the face, my head gets full of cuss words.
And I don’t even cuss people.
Make it easy for us commenting folk and remove it would ya?
To do so-follow these instructions:
8. Don’t let others fool you.
Blogging takes time.
This is something I didn’t really plan for when I started blogging.
Sure, I knew it would take me a solid ten minutes to whip a post.
But what I didn’t realize is that it takes an additional 10 minutes to upload pictures,
20 more minutes to edit, 5 minutes to arrange the post,
5 more minutes to bold certain words or make em’ big,
5 more minutes to blog and tweet about your new post,
and then 30 more minutes to respond to the nice people who comment on that post.
Oh, and then another 2 hours to read all of your favorite blogs.
Here is where things get difficult for me.
Remember that blogging takes time---
but don't let it take up all your time.
99% of us, started blogging as a "hobby".
Something extra to do in our "spare time".
Don't neglect the things you love the most because of your blog.
The minute you make your blog a chore, the minute blogging sucks.
Because let's face it--Chores Suck.
So yes, if you find the perfect balance-
Please, do tell.
I am all ears on that one.
 9. Content
Yes, numbers 1-8 are important, but it all comes down to this.
People will read your blog if they like what you have to say.
That's all there is to it.
So my word of advice on this one:
Write from your heart, from your head, from your hyper bones.
Just write.
And don't overthink it.
Write what you want to write about when you want to write it.
Find your writing voice and use it to the best of your ability.
God gave us all our unique special "voice".
Don't try to imitate somebody elses.
Oh and another thing as far as content goes--
Remember variety is important in blogging.
People will get bored if you talk about the same thing.
Over. And over. And over again.
Mix it up.
This will keep your readers engaged and interested in coming back.
10. Last but not least-
 Support one another
Blogging is a community.
We are here for one another-to encourage-to help each other out-
to show love-and to become homies.
Give shout outs just for the heck of it.
Don't be afraid to help grow one another's reading base.
One other thing--
Be humble.
Remember, we all started in the same place.
Now get your hot little buns over to my blog and say hello.
I would love to get to know you :)

Check her out folks :) you wont be disappointed!

Heading out...

I haven't been snowboarding in for-ev-er, so I am excited to say that we are leaving today after work for the weekend to go to a cabin and get our powder on! :) Hope you all have a great weekend! I have so much in store for when I get back, can't wait.

Yes, the best part of Utah are these beautiful mountains!

Until then... Here is the winner of the Photo Shoot Giveaway! Thanks Sami Jo :)
#21 Jessica Holly!
e-mail me for details :)


Life has been crazy. Sometimes real life steals you away from the joys of blogging. I have been super busy with work, and personal stuff and a bunch of new ideas for the blog. Sometimes finding the balance can be really hard to do. To top it off I haven't been feeling well, and I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle or something in my back over the weekend, haha... ah I am a mess!

The weekend wasn't all bad. We went suit shopping for Trevor, it was fun to see him all dressed up! So dapper ;) Then there was a lot of cleaning! (hence the broken back) and then a lot of feeling sorry for myself because I had no one to hang out with because Trevor literally worked non-stop the entire weekend on a big paper he has due. Poor guy.

We tried to make ourselves feel better with sour patch kids and drumsticks. It helped take the edge off :) haha Oh and yes, I even resorted  to taking pictures of my colorful rug, its bright colors makes me feel better.

I hope you guys all had a great long weekend, and I look forward to sharing some new things to the blog... Nothing major, just planning for some more structure around these parts, so bear with me!

Don't forget to enter the Photo Shoot Giveaway, today is the last day!

favorite things.

some of my favorite things on pinterest lately...

Oh... did I put those red velvet baked donuts on there twice? Silly me :) I really really want to make those!

 Mini Photo shoot giveaway is being extended until next Tuesday... if you live in Utah or know of anyone in Utah, get on this!

Valentine's Day.

Trevor and I tend to have low key Valentine's Days, which suits our personalities very well. So far every year we have given each other homemade gifts (which is usually a form of food haha), and our favorite treats, and this year was no different. We had candy for breakfast, dessert before dinner, and enjoyed watching Zombie related television. It doesn't get more romantic then that... or more us :)

Right now Trevor has been so stressed out and busy with Law School, and I have been working a lot, so going out just isn't really appealing to us. We just want to stay home, and be comfortable, together. Actually spending some time alone. It was a great night, just want we needed, and wanted.

Am I bugging the crap out of you with my Instagram photos yet? haha I will try and lay off of them for a bit :) What can I say?!

This Valentine’s Day I couldn’t help think back to when I was a kid. My parents had a way of making every holiday so magical. I hope to be able to do that for my kids. Valentine's day holds some of my fondest memories of my childhood. I remember always being very excited for my Dad to come home. He would bring home my mother a big bouquet of flowers, then individually come up to my two sisters and me and give us a single flower with a note that said, "Will you be my Valentine?" I Love you, Dad. Although I expected it every year, it didn't take away from the excitement. It is probably one of my favorite memories of growing up, and of my Dad.
 May 20, 1995

Although I have had many Valentine’s over the years, my first Valentine was my Daddy… and I am pretty sure no man could ever compete with that.
I hope you all had a great day with loved ones yesterday! What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day traditions? Past or Present? 
I have pretty much decided that if Trevor and I ever have little girls, he will just have to bring them home a flower :)
Oh, and that S'more pizza. BEST THING EVER.

scenes from the weekend :)

The weekends really don't last long enough....

follow along here.
or here :)

Portrait Shoot Giveaway!

Alrighty folks... today I have SUCH a great giveaway for you guys! You should all be very excited :)

Sami Jo is an adorable (no really, go check her out she is adorable) photographer here in Utah, and she is being extremely generous today!

 She is a lifestyle & portrait photographer that specializes in weddings!

She is offering one lucky person a 45 minute portrait shoot which includes 35 images. She is available to do the shoot in Cache Valley, Salt Lake area, or Provo. So all my Utah readers, or people who will be in Utah, get going on entering this giveaway!

Check our her goods...

Pretty great huh?! Okay, so as bloggers we all know we like having our pictures taken :) haha 
So here is how to Enter:

Make sure you leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry!

Be a follower of my blog. 

Do you really really really want to win? Okay, here are some bonus options you have!
Blog about this giveaway.
Post a link about this giveaway on your facebook! (@mention my facebook wall!)
Go check out her photography blog and tell us what your favorite shoot is!

Did we give you guys enough ways to enter?! 

This giveaway closes at midnight on February 21, the winner will be announced February 17th :) Good Luck! &whoever wins, I totally want to see the end result!

(Oh and if you have won a giveaway and I haven't got back to you yet, I apologize! Christmas was crazy! But I have not forgotten about you!)

birthday girl.

My Birthday weekend was great! I wish I could have dragged it out for the whole week. By the end of Sunday night I was pretty bummed out that the weekend was over. The weekend was full of lots of yummy food, sleeping in, spending quality time with the hubberz (thanks Trevor for the best birthday in a long time!) friends, and did I mention lots of yummy food?! hahaha

Thank you all for the birthday wishes via comments, facebook, and twitter! :) I am feelin' the love!

Oh and if you didn't notice, I am on Instagram now! Let me tell you... this app is addicting!
Come find me so I can find you :)  



twenty three years.

I feel like every child has an age in their head when they think they will be "old." Well for me... that was the age of 23. I know that this is laughable now, to think that 23 years old means you are "old" but that is truly what I thought. Being 23 seemed SO far away, and it seemed like being that age meant I was truly an adult, and when you are a kid, you think all adults are old.

So here I am. I am now 23 as of today (the day after ground hog's day) and do I feel "old"? Well yes and no. I have graduated from college, I am married, I am working full time and supporting me and my husband while he goes to law school. I guess you could say, I am an adult! But I still feel young. I guess that is where the term young adult comes in.

You always try to imagine where you will be in life at certain ages. To be honest, where I am now, what I am doing, and who I am with, is not really what I imagined.

But life has a way of changing your plans on you... and I am so grateful for that. I truly am happy.

Some fun things Trevor pointed out to me about my birthday today...

This birthday is as close as I will ever get to celebrating my golden birthday, seeing I was three when that happened.  You see Trevor pointed out that I will be 23 on 2/3 :) haha

Trevor also said to me (with a big smile on his face mind you)
"I was 23 when I met you :)"


I recently joined a gym and have had a lot of fun attending a bunch of different classes. One of those classes is Zumba. The other day some of the girls and I that go together were talking about how you start to feel like you are really getting good... like you must look as good as the teacher because you are having so much fun... then you take a peek at yourself in the mirror... and well...

 HA HA, Does anyone else experience this?!