Twilight Eclipse

Alrighty. Where to start. My sisters, sister-in-law and my mom and dad and me all went to the midnight showing of Eclipse on opening night. It was uh-maz-ing! Really it was. It was SO good! It was by far the best movie of the saga yet.... *sigh*
We bought a bunch of Canadian candy goods to munch while we watched which was just the cherry on top for the night. Me and my sisters were squealing and swooning, pathetically yes, but it was fun! There is nothing like going to a movie opening night, first showing. Everyone around you is a fan!

(In case you can't read it. My shirts says "My heart belongs to my husband. My neck belongs to Edward!")

The whole Gang. We didn't have to wait TOO long in the line. We ate a bunch of yummy popcorn twists and chatted so the time went by fast :) Then we all ran in like crazy people to fight for seats!

Ironically on the way to the movie I got a massive nose bleed. Sorry for the gruesome picture (I could have put up an even grosser one) but I couldn't help but post it seeing that I was bleeding on my way to see a movie about vampires. Yup... see this is what they call a true fan :)

 I was really just trying to get Edward's attention...

Just to clarify....
In the books (which is the most important) I am Team Edward.
In the movies, I would have to say I am Team Jacob.
If the movies were done exactly how the book was, everyone would be Team Edward. But it isn't. So lets face it. Jacob is ten times hotter then Edward in the movies. But while reading the book, you can't not be Team Edward. Oh man it is even a hard choice for me. I feel for Bella :) haha

a bunch of wild animals


My family and I spent a warm (very warm) afternoon at the Calgary Zoo! The grandbabies loved it of course. Our grandpa drove all the way from British Columbia and surprised us at the Zoo! I was so excited to see him, because I don't get to see him nearly enough. He gives the best hugs, and calls me pumpkin. It was a great afternoon and we had a lot of fun walking around talking and looking at all the animals.
After the Zoo we went to a pretty well known spot in Alberta called Peter's Drive Thru. It has been around for forever and would say it has the same appeal as an In-n-out does to Californians. It is that place people just have to go when they are in town or if you live Calgary just a favorite local spot. My dad will go on and on about this place and their amazing shakes.... which if I might say, were pretty dang yummy :) It was fun to go there and see that it has hardly changed after so many years!

Such a fun filled day :)

An evening in Cochrane.

While up in Canada we were able to go to Cochrane and see my Grandma Leavitt. I was really excited to see her since it has been so long! I absolutely love going to her house because it is such a cool and beautiful place. Her house is just full of interesting things, it is almost like a museum, you could just spend hours looking at everything on the walls and around the house. She has so many collections! The house is on a farm located in a very beautiful part of the country! I love being there. For dessert Grandma Leavitt made these amazing homemade donuts... they were... indescribably amazing! SO GOOD! It was a great night of conversation and enjoying each others company.... and getting a massive sugar high on these homemade donuts!

(I made sure to get the recipe from her! They are SO amazing!)

(Just part of her candle stick collection. She had some that were as tall as an 8 year old!)
(Part of her amazing spoon collection)

Grandma has an extremely large bush running down a fence of Lilacs. They are gorgeous! She cut me some to take home with me :)

I made them into a bouquet haha

The Leavitt's (minus Alex and Ben)

At one point Hayley just started doing this hilarious spinning thing. It totally reminded me of our dog Bridget who use to do this to scratch her butt. hahaha she is hilarious :) I love her. Enjoy.

a day at the lake...

There is a really cool lake by my sister's house in Calgary. Believe it or not when it isn't winter in Calgary, it gets pretty dang hot! So the girls took the kiddos and some snacks and we all hit the lake :) It was such a fun day. The kids loved the water and the sand. It was a nice relaxing morning. Later my brother and Dad came to join and we took the canoe out. Evan though he was on a pirate ship :)
It was a great morning and afternoon, and I loved eating away on some good ol' Canadian snacks. It felt like Christmas (because Christmas is the only time I get Canadian goodies.) It was a grrrreat afternoon day!

an extremely large Cheezie :) YUM

such a happy girl

Brandon showed up acting like his usual self

Sarah's eyes were closed in almost all my pictures hahaha

a lovely perfect day with the family in the sun :)


Cannon Ball

(who knew this could happen by doing a cannon ball?)

So yesterday we went with our friends Shawn and Alex to these rope swings at a lake. They were pretty cool and there were tons of young kids there since it was a hot day! Needless to say it was pretty crowded. There was a large fellow there and he was doing these intense cannon ball jumps! He was a crowd favorite. Anyways Trevor really wanted to do a cannon ball like this other (large fellow) was doing. Only thing is, Trevor's body isn't really "cannon ball" material. Instead of the cheer from the crowd when Trevor jumped...his body smacked so hard on the water the crowd winced.... you could just tell it hurt by the sound his body made when it hit the water. Trevor was in a lot of pain (poor guy) and this is what his back looked like last night before we went to bed. Lesson learned to keep the cannon ball tricks to the "big" kids.