Hot Smokin' Saturday...

 Saturdays are our "free" days in the Crowley household. Let me explain... me and Trevor eat healthy throughout the entire week, and then on Saturdays we eat whatever we want! Today we woke up and tried some Gyros from  a Greek place we have been wanting to try down the street from our apartment. OH MY GOSH! I wish we had gone down there earlier, because they were ammmmazing. The best Gyro I have ever had! Not only that, they had some killer fries with of course, fry sauce. Yum Yum Yum. 
Laterrrrr, we went to a big Bon Fire/Blowing up session. Yes, Trevor and his friends like to take old computers, televisions, and sometimes fridges and put tanerite (an explosive) on them and shoot them with guns and watch them blow up. It can be pretty cool, and fun. We then built a HUGE fire which of course, as usual the cops came from calls of a 30 ft fire they saw from the freeway. We made sobe bombs (sobe bottles filled with gasoline with holes poked in the cap and put in the fire) these are the best part, and are amazing when they blow up! The biggest Sobe explosion I had ever seen happened tonight. It was HUGE and I almost got hit by a piece of it. Speaking of getting hit, under the Bon Fire we built someone before us had left some bullets on the ground that SHOT off several times throughout the night! It was just a tad freaky.
Trevor dancing to the YMCA they had blasting from the truck while he helped
make the ginormous fire! 
AHHH My glove caught on FIRE!
(I thought I was pretty clever when I took this)

 S'mores, yummy! Please, and Thank You.

We ended with making some s'mores and hot dogs and making small talk with the cop. I have never had so many encounters with cops until I met Trevor... oh man. Like the last Bon Fire we went to, where Trevor lit his head on fire... ON PURPOSE. Yes, the cops didn't believe him when he said he wasn't drunk when he did it. What am I going to do with HIM?! haha :) On the way home Trevor wanted a Gatorade and I wanted some Chocolate Milk so we stopped at a gas station where I was noticing we were getting some weird looks. When we got up to the cashier he asked if we had been by a fire. Apparently we completely reeked of smoke, haha :)

An amazing Full Moon, coming over the Mountains.

Olympic Mittens.

Remember those amazing mittens I boasted about in my last post. Just wanted to show my brother Brandon that I am not lame for thinking they are amazing... because the next week when the Olympics Started... everyone passing the Olympic torch were wearing these...

Did you see that? Not only were all the Olympic torch carriers wearing them, but so were the entire Canadian Olympic Team. So yeah... I do think I am pretty cool &that they are pretty awesome. Now my brother... &yes Trevor... you can take that in :)
 Thanks Grandpa and Nana for the amazing gloves.

Speaking of the Olympics, I have always loved to watch them. My personal favorite. Girls figure skating of course. I mean what little girl didn't watch the Olympics and wish that was them, right? I mean did you all hear about the Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette, mother passed away 5 days before she had to skate, and she walked away with a bronze. I was a total baby and cried during her routine and after when she broke down.
Anyways, enough sad news... this Olympics I have been blown away by miss "Queen Yu-na" as she is called in South Korea.
Kim Yu-na, is just simply amazing! Her little body just is so fast and so graceful. The competition this year was great, I loved watching it (her and Japan's Asada) but I must say she was my favorite and I was happy she won Gold.
I mean heck... she has broken two world records now.

Watch out Chile...

My little brother Alex got his mission call last night, to serve two years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint as a missionary. We were all very excited to see where he would get called. His call came yesterday and we opened it last night. As a joke me and Trevor said he would go to Chile, because that is where Trevor's youngest brother just got called. LO and Behold.... Alex got called to the Santiago Chile West Mission. I could not be more proud of him. He will be an amazing missionary. He has the best personality for it, an amazing testimonyony and can totally relate to people. He will do some amazing things, I have no doubt about that. I have been so blessed to have three amazing brothers who continue to be examples to me everyday.

(For some reason blogger would not upload the video I have of Alex opening his call
I will have to post it later, so stay tuned for that!)

Be-Lated Birthday Post...

I know it is a tad late, but I had midterms okay?! Here are the highlights of my birthday week :) READY!

  • Mi Madre came from San Diego to go to Time Out For Women with me. Very cool experience.
  • Which leads to my next highlight, Going to Time Our For Women! I went with my mother, and my old Young Woman's President Holly Welch. It was really cool, and recommend everyone to go to one sometime!
  • Trevor gave me a very thoughtful gift. He was super Sweet and amazing like always.
  • We got Brazilian for dinner at Tucanos and Trevor even went and saw a chick flick with me :) what a trooper.
  • I GOT TWO PLATES OF MY CHINA! So excited and surprised to see my parents got me started on the China I wanted! I can't wait for one day to hold amazing dinner parties with all of my beautiful plates. Someday right?
  • Seeing Courtney and Eric (my in-laws) I love hanging out with Courtney and feel so blessed to have a sister-in-law that I totally and completely get along with. Someone I would be friends with if I had met her and she wasn't even related to my husband :)
  • All the cards and gifts that were sent from friends and family! It is nice to see how much people love you.
  • Hearing my niece Sydney almost perfectly saying "Happy Birthday!"
  • Last but not least, my grandparents sent me THE MOST amazing GLOVES! I LOVE THEM. My hands are always freezing here in Utah, haha I am a big complainer of the snow, but what is so extra special about these gloves are the fact that they are Vancouver 2010 Olympic gloves. That is right :) My grandparents live in British Columbia and get to experience the Olympics being all around them. Oh how I wish I could ditch school and head up there to spend time with them and see beautiful Canada :) The other best part is there are maple leafs on the inside of the hand... I think that is pretty cool! Even if my brother thinks I am lame for loving them so much. I mean, although I consider myself a San Diego girl. I was born in Canada. You can't just forget that or take that away. That is where I am from, where my family comes from. I have Canada pride, even if my little body only lived there for three years, it is where my family history is!
 My lunch came with a beautiful heart :)
I got a Snuggie, and even better a UTES Snuggie!
I love getting CUTE gift cards, I always feel sad having to throw them away when I am done with them.
Very excited about my china plates!
One size fits all Snuggie :)
Trevor was a sweetheart and took me to see a chick flick, even though he hates them!
This women was amazing! 
She came from the war torn Sierra Leone and has an amazing story.
I ate WAY too much cake for my Birthday! All week I was having cake.
Even at the Super Bowl Party we went to they made me a Birthday cake!
(oh and the weight loss slim fast drinks, NOT mine. Trevor likes them for his breakfast haha!)

So Thanks to everyone who made my birthday Amazing!
Wish I could have seen everyone.
&an extra thanks to my Trevor.
Who in his own way, lets me know how much I mean to him.