Sunny, WARM St. George Weekend!

This past weekend I got to getaway from the cold and nippy Salt Lake City to enjoy the warm and sunny St. George! This weekend was Trevor's younger brother's mission farewell talk (he is going to Chile.) Me and Trevor were super excited to be getting a weekend away since we have been getting really stressed out with school, and work etc. So after taking an incredibaly not fun hard Macroeconomics test we were on our way! I was really extra excited because my Mum, Dad and Sarah were coming up for it as well! We got there late Friday night and basically went to bed within the hour of getting in. Saturday morning I went to go get my haircut from Courtney. While there my Dad and Mum and Sarah all came to see me. I was suprised they had been up but laughed when I heard they had been canning food at the cannery... (I am sure Sarah just loved the fact that they drove all the way from San Diego to St. George to wake up and can food! haha) We all squished into the Salon and chatted before they headed out to go see New Moon with Dad's Cousin (so jealous!) While I rushed to go get ready for The Crowley Family pictures we were taking that afternoon. After the pictures we the boys all helped Trevor's dad put up Christmas lights, and all the girls headed to Costco to buy food for the open house/family lunch after Derrick's farewell talk. We drove in Trevor's dad's new 2010 Camaro and it was fun to chat and shop (even if it wasn't for clothes!) After that me and Trevor headed out to get presents for his mother and Derrick who had just had birthdays in the past months. FINALLY done with shopping I was excited for my family to come over. We spent the rest of the night all visiting and hanging out. Sunday Derrick gave his talk which was really great and we all enjoyed lunch after at the Crowley's. It was nice to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunlight!!! After everyone had left we played the Wii for a bit as a family then me and Trevor packed up all our stuff to head home. We stopped by the condo my parents and sister were staying at and visited for a bit while we picked up all the stuff my mom had brought/done for me (amazing scrapbooks put together of wedding cards and fun things, tons of Christmas decorations including a mini Tree!, all my laundry she thankfully did for me, and just a bunch of other random odds and ends.) Unfortunately me and Trevor hit a bit of a snow storm on the way home adding an hour onto our trip home! Looks like the snow is finally going to stick this time around, and it was back to the reality of our cold habitat. THANKS to my amazing parents and for sweet Sarah who all took the time to drive up to Derrick's farewell and to come see me :) I needed it and miss you guys all the time. I can't believe how happy I am and how blessed I am. Great great weekend, Love all three of you SO much!
So I got Bangs.

My Husband...

So a week or so ago me and Trevor were sitting at home. Trevor leans over and asks "Hey I have to go to this Jazz Guitar Concert tonight for a class, would you want to come with me?" I hadn't been feeling too well and had been complaining about how tired I was so I told him I would have loved too, but just wasn't up for going out tonight. About an hour later I see Trevor come out of the bedroom dressed in church clothes and he picks up his guitar and says "Bye" while he starts heading out the door. A little shock I stopped him and said, "What are you doing with your guitar and dressed so nice?" Before he answered I knew what was up.
"TREVOR! You are in the concert aren't you?!" I screamed.
So of course I made him wait while I put on a dress and went with him to watch him play in the Jazz Guitar Concert... he even had a solo! (which you can watch at the bottom page)
Gotta Love my husband's communication skills.

Meteor's Flash of Light

Last night me and Trevor were crawling into bed, when all of a sudden our entire room lit up with light from the window. It was a split second, and I went, "Whoa what was that?!" Trevor and I assumed it had to have been a car making a u-turn or something. It was the only thing we could come up with. Then this morning I am realizing... wait, there is a huge fence and a yard around our bedroom window, there is no way light from a car could have done that? I was stumped. Then I get into work today to hear some co-workers talking about the huge meteor's flash of light last night. Last night a huge meteor lit up salt lake city as bright if not brighter then mid day for a split second! I found this video and story on the ksl site and it is pretty dang cool. You have to go watch the video! They are pretty sure the meteor is a straggler from the shower that just happened on Tuesday. "It was seen all the way from Southern Utah to Southern Idaho. There also are reports of people seeing it from Las Vegas and areas of California." I am happy to know the real reason why our room lit up like that last night, and even better that we were still awake for it! How cool would it have been, to be outside?! Crazy stuff this universe is capable of...

p.s. Apparently if you find some scraps from this thing in your yard or whatever they can be worth thousands of dollars. I say lets go rock hunting!!

The Secret to making Friends...

So as some of you may know, I haven't really felt like I have made a lot of friends at church, and I have been really trying but nothing has seemed to work. Well today I found the secret... cute sweaters! I have been going to church in our new ward since September, and that whole time only one person and I have really talked or got acquainted for about ten minutes. Today I had 5 different girls come up to me all starting with, "I LOVE your sweater!" which all led to conversations name exchanges etc. So when wanting to make new friends, apparently you just have to dress fabulously :)

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Halloween...or shall I say YMCA!

OH Halloween was very interesting this year.... let me tell YOU! First off, I gave the "grand" idea last Halloween that Trevor and all of his friends should be the Village People for next years Halloween. Well they took a liking to that idea, and this year they went with, and they sure did commit to the costumes. A week before Halloween Trevor and his friends held a Halloween Planning Party. They practiced and memorized the YMCA dance from the Village People Music Video, and memorized the lyrics. Trevor took this all VERY seriously. He burned copies of the song and printed off lyrics for everyone in the group to practice at home with... haha wow. Anyways they decided that Halloween was going to basically be, them crashing as many parties as possible and break out into dance to the YMCA with their boom box. Before I get into that, first I will say this Halloween was weird for me because it was my first time carving a pumpkin without my Daddy! It just didn't feel right, it just wasn't the same, and carving pumpkins just aren't as cool as when you were little... anyways I think I did a good job on my pumpkin since it was the first time without my Daddy's help! I then made two plates of Halloween Cupcakes for everyone to eat before we headed out to party crash. They were great (Thanks mom for the awesome sprinkles and Halloween themed cupcake holders I used!) So the first thing the YMCA guys wanted to do was strategically plan getting on to the TRAX station at different stops yet on the same car so no one would notice they were together, then RANDOMLY just burst out into the YMCA dance. It worked perfectly and it was hilarious! You should have seen the people on the TRAX, everyone was laughing some people tried to get up and dance with them... some people were annoyed, haha it was just classic. The rest of the night consisted of us girls following the guys around to different parties getting different reactions from people, all in all by the end of the night my feet were killing (I wore three inch heels and was the camera girl all night long!) It was fun, but I was tired and not feeling good (that was probably the SWINE kicking in at that point, LAME!) The next day Trevor took all the footage and pictures and put together a pretty cool "music video" of the night... I thought you would all enjoy...

(For some reason the quality isn't so great when I uploaded it, you can go to Trevor's Facebook to see a better quality version!)

My Pumpkin :)

Pumpkin Guts!

I was a Jail Bird Girl!

Trevor was a very interesting.... Cop.

They REALLY got into their parts.... this is them practicing before going out.

Dancing on the TRAX.

Marriage? haha

The Whole Gang.


Well me and Trevor have not been feeling well for a little bit now... and this morning it only got worse. Swine Flu has been going around here in Utah like CRAZY, and everyone is worried about getting it. I was trying to deny the idea that me and Trevor could possibly have swine flu, until Alex started telling me what some of the main symptoms are. I then hurried home to check the National Pandemic Flu Service website to see what they had to say. Well... Looks like I have all but one of the symptoms on the list, and Trevor has all of them! Boo for us. I feel horrible but the website says most cases are mild and will pass just like the regular flu. SO it looks like lots of sleep, fluids, and medication for us two for awhile, and next time I will take the advice of the State and my mother to go get an H1N1 shot! :(

Trevor, Alycia, and Laura Bush.

Well some cool news to report! As some of you know Trevor works at Senator Orrin Hatch's office, and I work in the administration department of the University of Utah Library. Well Monday October 26th was a big day for both me and Trevor because Laura Bush was speaking at the Women's Conference (also David Archuleta was going to speaking) held by Orrin Hatch, and The Library was having Laura Bush speak at the Library's rededication.
So Trevor thought he was going to be able to go to the women's conference but found out the day before he would have to work the front desk that day while everyone was out of the office for the Conference. I felt bad for him until I heard that he had, had the opportunity if he wanted to take a picture with David Archuleta, and with Laura Bush, but PASSED IT UP! I couldn't believe this when I heard him say it because why would you pass that up? Well as Trevor explained to me... "I am not some 16 year old teenage girl so why would I even be remotely interested in getting my picture taken with David Archuleta? And who is Laura Bush anyways? A PAST first lady who isn't important for anything more then that. Now if she had actually been a governor or senator or presidential candidate or something then that would matter to me."
ANYWAYS, crazy guy, I got the best seat in he house to see Laura Bush speak at the Library Rededication. J.W. Marriott Junior spoke on behave on his father's and family's contributions to the Library over the years and his speech really blew me away. It was my favorite of the whole day! The Marriott family is so cool. Anyways this rededication was a big deal! The Govenor spoke, the President of the University spoke, the head Librarian (my boss) spoke, J.W. Marriott Jr. Spoke and Laura Bush Spoke. The Senator Orrin Hatch was there, Elder M. Russell Ballard from the 12 apostles was there, and you can't forget all the mega rich family's that donate so much to Utah and Salt lake like the rest of the Marriott family, the Rice family, Eccles family etc etc. Do those names sound familiar, haha? Anyways alot of important people all over Utah came to this huge event. They talked a lot about how next to the Capitol the Library is the MOST expensive building in Utah. They took into account the type of materials that the Library holds, and important documents and history (I couldn't help but think about how OUR family history is in there. An original page of the Book of Mormon! I mean come one! and so much more) It was a really cool conference and I just people watched while I ate my food after. Once most of the people had left I went up on the stage with some friends I work with and sat in the Chairs where the speaker were. I sat in Laura Bush's seat (tried to soak up some of her DNA! :) haha) Then I went to the pulpit where they all spoke and had my friend take a picture. I took some pictures on my phone but they didn't turn out too well. A guy at the library we know had a really really nice camera and he took some pictures of me sitting in Laura's Seat and at the Pulpit (without the crazy lady in the way eating her food) So I will have to get those and put those pictures for you all to see later! It was a crazy time at the Library that whole week before and that day but it was so worth it! It was so far one of the coolest things I have been able to apart of :)

Stupid Lady Standing in front of my Pulpit (I will have to post the better picture when I get it!)

We had to wear Red and Black so I thought my outfit fit perfectly (I wore the dress I wore to Ben and Sharley's wedding!)

I was technically "working" while I was there So I had to wear my tag, but I really just got paid to sit and watch, and eat food after :) not too shabby!


Univerisy of Utah Library Rededication

Senator Orrin Hatch: Women's Conference